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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys. I need some advice. Since we opened our site, it's grown quite large and, to account for the extra work, we've recently brought on some new staff from our existing member base. However, it's come to our attention that one of these new staff members isn't respected by some members of the community. We'll call this staff member Red. There was an incident with Red a few months ago when she was still quite new staff that was a huge misunderstanding (not Red's fault, per se, just a communication issue that rocked a lot boats). It ultimately led to another new staff member, Blue, stepping down because she disagreed with how we handled it. Emotions were running high at the time and a lot of feelings got hurt. Because of the fallout and the stress it caused the team, we gave Red a warning so that she could learn from it and we could move on. If it happened again or no improvements were made, she'd be demoted from staff. The crisis was averted and we've since grown a lot stronger as a team and know what to expect from each other now and what things aren't acceptable. It aired out a lot of issues that we were able to fix. For that, I'm grateful. However, drama of the same nature has since popped back up, and though it's much smaller and more isolated than last time, it's still there. Red has made a lot of improvements, and her work on the staff team is valued! But some of her communications with fellow staff are...increasingly passive aggressive, which is causing stress among the team. And we know she can't work with certain members because they don't respect her authority due to things that happened in the past (both the past incident and things that supposedly happened before our site) that are out of our control. And, frankly, we don't know what to do about it. We value Red as a friend and a great writer, but it seems her presence in the team is causing anxiety. And I find myself making excuses for her because of that. We just don't quite know what to do, so I'm asking for some advice. How do you deal with drama within the staff? Have you ever asked someone on your staff team to step down? Would you do so in this case? And how do you do so while still communicating that they're a great member of the community, but maybe not the best for staff? Anonymous poster hash: 2daba...d6e
  2. The site I’m on seems like it should work well. The setting is an exciting place to develop my characters, and the rules work great for how I like to play. I’ve met a couple writers there who I really enjoy as writing partners. I am never lacking in threads, and I haven’t had any significant issues with the other players. It's a great game. But I can’t find my place in the community. I feel like I don’t fit in. I have interests outside of the game that get treated in a condescending way if I try to bring them up in chat, and I don’t get the impression that the other players like me ooc. Sometimes I wonder if all they want me around for is my consistent posting speed. I don’t know what to do. It’s such a good site otherwise. I don’t know if it’s worth it to go through the process of finding a whole new site for this one thing. Where do you draw the line for a site that you really like, but still doesn’t feel like a perfect fit? Anonymous poster hash: 6cb29...56d
  3. So this is a problem I've encountered several times as a staff member on sites and that always leaves me scratching my head on what to do. So I've decided to turn to you all for help on how to approach this. Here is the gist - Member A creates great characters. She has a ton of amazing ideas, she writes extremely well, and she always brings her A game when it comes to plotting - in fact, she's plotted some amazing things with just about every character on the board. She's fun and always coming up with new plot twists that can involve many characters to help tie them together. She's chatty in the c-box, super welcoming to new members and their characters, and is a very warm presence in the community. BUT, she rarely writes a post. In the past, we've instituted activity checks where you need X amount of IC posts between X and X dates, but Member A always manages to make that for the check. Afterward, her posts will die down again until it's been a month or more since she made an IC post. It's not like she's gone or has told us that her real life is interfering with her activity - I'm always extremely accommodating when it comes to that for all members. She's in the c-box regularly and is privately DMing (either with me, other staff, or other members) about plotting and whatnot. In my current case, we talk all the time, and one of her characters and mine are extremely close. I'll gently nudge her with a "hey, when am I gonna see a reply in x thread?" and gush about the current IC situation and how I need it to continue. We'll then continue to plot a little and talk about what should happen and what would go down if X happened, etc. But then I'll never see a reply until there's another activity check. Its very disappointing because I'm very excited about the plots we've come up with, and they're even integral to what I want in my character's development. And I really do love Member A - she's more than just a writing partner at this point, she's my friend. Which is why it's so hard for me to approach her and give her the hard line "post or you're out." Is there something else I should be doing to encourage Member A to post? Is there a way to go about this without giving an ultimatum? I really don't want to boot her from the game, but I'm getting tired of the endless plotting with no results.
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