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Found 7 results

  1. Ice


    Amaryllis is a semi-realistic lion rpg, situated in an African-inspired landscape and overlooked by the land’s creator, Maua. We are 18+ with a 100+ word count min. We are a thriving community with over 80 active members and over 200 ic accounts. Come join us!
  2. What was that cartoon? Where the main character entered and would say... HERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAYYYYYYYYYY Wait.... it was... who WAS it? I was thinking Underdog, but he had his own hero song. And then I thought it might be Mickey Mouse... but... nope. NOT Mickey Mouse... dang.... OH OH I KNOW I KNOW It was MIGHTY MOUSE!!! I'm not here to save the day for EVERYONE!! Just those that I can. I'm an active player. Great imagnation. Can create a character on the fly, too. My interests are geared more toward the following: Historical (as accurate as I can get it a bit of flamboyance tossed in for SPARKS); fantasy -- I like dragons and am very good at transitioning. I am also creative and wordy. Yes, very wordy. I came to be here by way of Cosima and I am looking forward to meeting those of like mind and being introduced to NEW games and anything else that's adventurous and can be found here or there!
  3. Well hi! Where do I begin in all this. On my search for a way to get my ever growing two year old site more attention I stumbled onto this site. It was just what I was looking for after all. I have been RPing since I was a child and the only thing we had than was that old paper notebook you would pass around in the hall and giggle at like school girls when the scene would turn interesting. Hahaha. When the whole computer times took off though I was right on those RP sites so let’s give a rough estimate of 15+ years of RP experience. With 2 years of running my own and even more years of working on them. my favorite RP genres is.. well.. all of them XD the site I own is apocalypse/zombies/walking dead. But of course like more genres it touches into all of the romance, real life, scary, and so much more. Along with that I am staff on affiliated sites with mine that range from fairytale/fantasy to survival to anything and everything in between. I also am in the work of coding an entire site for RP lovers that like that whole building your characters stats and so on in the Middle Earth setting so that has been fun XD so my favorite forum of RP is forum and private/mail. I like forum because it gives others the opportunity to see your character develop but I like mail because..well... sometimes things are better left in private hahaha. But I can also work in any form of RP from the *(stars for actions) to 3rd person past narrative and so on! Fun fun! I am a long time reader and a lot of people bash me for this but my favorite type are those romance smut novels. I know terrible woman I am xD but I like them. Especially with a touch of supernatural. It stimulates my creativity I think with all the worded details of everything. But movies are for sure horror. Give me a good horror movie and I will either scream, hide or just make a joke of it so I don’t do the two previous options. I have ave a lot of hobbies. I draw..a lot. I actually illustrator for sites. Currently my portfolio has 13+ sites in it with over 12,000+ (yes that’s twelve thousand XD) unique images in them. That’s a lot now that I write it down. I mostly spend my time on my Apocalypse site. Which is why I am here looking for love for it. So I hope you guys will check it out! Oh right! Last two! My favorite color is ... okay I got two. Purple and teal(mad hatter!) and my favorite drink is bubble tea that is matcha, banana milk or chai flavor! Mmm I might go get some now! Anyway! Thank you guys for checking me out! I hope to get to know your guys sites and you personally and also managed to bring you guys over to support a fellow creator on my site! Thank you again!!! *blows kisses*
  4. Ever wanted to ban someone, but couldn't find the justification? WELL NOW YOU CAN! That's right, folks! Now's your chance! Step right up and ban the person above you for whatever reason you deem fit (obeying forum rules of course). Lay it on 'em and tell 'em where they went oh so very wrong. Get creative!
  5. I have recently been around to a few new forums and seen things I'm just jealous of. Lol. I'd like to include some of these things on my forum that I'm working on, but I legit have no clue where to even start with these things. Some of them include: Rotating Member of the Moment spot <-- This is just badass, self rotates when you refresh the page, and I have NO CLUE HOW TO DO IT. There was also a site that had a weather widget on their site, and I'd definitely like that, though I think I can accomplish that by picking a small town somewhere int he vicinity of the fictional one I'm using and just embedding a weather thing for that area...so I'll probably just do that. I also saw on one site where randomly plot prompts would popup at the top of the forum. Just quick few words would rotate like "There's a sudden growl from somewhere nearby, it doesn't exactly sound friendly does it?" which is kind of like offering a built in thread prompt system just to help people along. Lol. I haven't the foggiest how to do this either. I did find one answer that was put up in early 2014 for that last one, but the links in it weren't good anymore, I has a sad. XD What are some of the add-ons you have on your forum, or have spotted on others forums that you're jealous of/would love to learn how to do yourself?
  6. JDE

    Click me

    Hello. My name is Jacquelyn, but I mostly go by Jackie, JD or Jackzilla. Actually... please call me one of the three options, because not even my fiancé calls me by my real name. I would suggest that you can call me by his petname for me, but I'm not too sure you'd feel comfortable calling me that. I totally wouldn't mind though! I mean... well, anyway. That was off topic, huh? Let's see... what do you need to know? I am 24 years old, I live with my fiancé (God I love saying that. We're recently engaged, so you'll have to excuse me) and our cat Loke (Which is the Danish version of Loki). I am a social worker and I work with adult psychiatry and addictions. I've been RP'ing since I was 13 years old. Well... officially. That's when I joined sites and became aware of the term RP'ing. Before that, I did it and just called it "playing over text, because my friends and I can't be out past curfew". Let's get on with some questions, shall we? How long have you been RPing? Interesting question. As you see above, I've been RP'ing since I was 13, officially. So that would be 11 years now. Unofficially? Since MSN and texting on cells were a thing. What are your favorite RP genres? Marvel/DC Original Supernatural General fandom Real Life Not necessarily in that order, sometimes I have more muse for one than the other. How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? Forum Chat Googledoc Email You think of it, I might like it. Except for Tumblr. I don't understand how that works. What is your favorite kind of plot? Friendship Love Hate/enemies Frenemies What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Oh gosh, I love so many different books. Well, the obvious are: Harry Potter Tolkien's universe Mortal Instruments Then there's the not so obvious ones: The prophesy of the three stones The curse of the kings My secrets What other interest/Hobbies do you have? Oh gosh. Well... I make cosplay, I knit and I watch a lot of Netflix and Youtube. What's your favorite color? Purple, baby blue and leaf green. These colors make my world happy. What's your favorite drink? Strawberry daiquiri. And Pepsi max.
  7. Have you ever wanted to see all the worst/best pick-up lines in one place? If so, this is the thread for you! Post your favorite groaners here; Share the wealth - - - - If you were a fruit, you would be fineapple.
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