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Are you a Poke Warrior?

Found 2 results

  1. Is there outside interest in an moderately AU Fable II / Fable Legends game? It;ll be a free-form / sandbox world, rateqd 323, run by character-driven plots with the occasional site event- according to what's happening in the world at any given time. The timeline I have in mind is more extreme than most, I think. I want to set it based on the Albion kingdom in the era when the Hero Guild was still active and training Heroes. Heroes are the core of the series; they're basically people who have exceptional powers, usually one out of three strengths or skill sets. Will is magic, then there's Strength, then there's Skill: which is accuracy and speed. Going by Fable II's lore, almost anyone can enlist in the Guild and train, but very few individuals actually graduate, on account of the harsh psychological and physical conditions. In the canon timeline,centuries before Fable II', the Hero Guild was destroyed by ordinary members of the public community, out of fear and speculation that the Heroes were no longer useful to the country: that Heroes cause more problems as opposed to solving them. Apparently, the surviving Heroes just stood by and watched their Guild be burned to the ground: that doesn't seem right, so it can't be too big a stretch to say that the Heroes convinced the Angry Mob to leave them be, albeit with a few compromises and such. Each game in the series is based on a different historical era, so Fable II is Tudor England with some emphasis on earlier Medieval technology, while Fable III is a mixed bag primarily based on an Industrial Revolution + Steampunk London. The Tudor setting is simpler to work with, in comparison to III, and it should be a bit more familiar to other RPers. Historical RP There will be research required, and very light fandom review. Frankly, there'd be more reading involved if I made an original Tudor / English Renaissance rpg~. The characters of the world have their rightful places, the technology does have boundaries, but character interaction is a little more casual than most other historical games. There's still consequences for IC events such as theft, murder, public intoxication and misconduct etc, serious consequences, but there are some creative freedom when it comes to certain aspects: so it's canon that characters are openly gay, bisexual, transgender and so forth, but that's not to say that there is zero bigoted citizens, and hate crimes in general. Homosexuality isn't illegal, but witchcraft is, in most areas. Character opportunities It will include the different social classes, from ; nobility, working classes, domestic servants, lords, dukes, ladies, mayors, military, skilled and unskilled labourers; criminals, good old pirates, bandits and highwaymen. The Fantasy side of things will include trades such as mercenaries, adventurers, bounty hunters, monster hunters, witches, con artists dealing with magical items, and things like that. Humans would be the majority, with room for ghosts and balverines,(werewolves!), and fey folk: magical creatures like wood nymphs and dark spirits from the nightmarish Void. Considering the timeline, the number of canon characters would be barely there. Would it be better to make the game OCs-only, or allow in the few canons that would be alive in this AU, and they have enough canon to work with? A lot of canons just have a name and a trade or role, so there's the problem of filling in a huge blank canvas... and finding replacement players when the previous one disappears. Mechanics - Character types I'm not a fan of mixing video-game mechanics with story-writing, so this won't be a video-game in text format. No stats, percentages or numbers, but I would like to work in some kind of basic system to upgrade Heroes' skills, mainly the magic. Just so staff can keep track of characters' powers, so no one can easily say their OC learned and used a powerful spell over night. With or without a leveling system, the game isn't meant to be geared just for Hero characters: otherwise it would just be having a game full of Superman copies with all of them trying to be the best one. The vast majority will be ordinary people, but ordinary doesn't necessarily mean 'boring'~. Characters can generate engaging plots without needing fancy powers. A few other potential archetypes include ones that weren't very welcomed in ye olde medieval settings, like witches, ala the village's wise (and possibly mad) herbalist; alchemists, people experimenting with potions, transformations, artefacts. One other group idea I have are failed Heroes, so they're people who couldn't graduate the guild-- but their skill hasn't disappeared. This means they could still perform magic or moderate physical skills, but their power would be significantly weak compared to a true Hero. These characters would probably rank as mages for a unisex title, and witches if they branch out into trades like wild-crafting. Fable: Legends, the expansion I recently got my hands on a copy of the art-book for Fable: Legends, which was meant to be the next Fable game but Microsoft shut down the game studio. It's got world lore that's usable, which covers: mythical creatures the magic and the technology North vs South Albion, i.e regions, attitudes & tolerance towards magic, etc character designs, and the Heroes. Legends' lore describes its Heroes in a way that makes me think od Marvel's X-Men, so one Hero was skilled in just ice and snow magic, has cold skin / a freezing touch; while a dark Hero was brought back from the afterlife and is now cursed to feel extreme pain if he tries to act on evil impulses... Until he pays back all his crimes. In the previous Fable games, magic was just a fire spell or a shock spell, with different power tiers. The actual Hero character didn't have any specialised background that was related to one spell or another. Legends' lore gives me the excuse to introduce playable mythical creatures, based on real world European / Scandinavian / Germanic / etc myths and folklore, which can be faeries, nymphs, wood spirits (good, bad, and in between). Pretty much most things from nature that interacts with mankind, for better or worse. Applicants would be required to use real world lore as the foundation, and then they can add in their own racial lore, to a degree. Players can't blend in canon from other fandoms, because this isn't a panfandom 'use any information that you want!' rpg. However, Fable: Legends' character design have based some characters on fairy tale story elements, such as Snow White / The Evil Witch + poison apples, so I assume that original takes on some tropes would be all right, so long as it's not a literal Carbon Copy of an existing canon character. So, for instance, a character based on the Pied Piper legend would fit in great, but not a character based on the Little Mermaid. :E I'm all for character conflicts and intersecting plots that influence different parts of the game world, but is this RP style still a popular or welcomed thing? I leave it up to players to control their own characters; I'm no literal Puppet Master, but I'm not sure what people might need before they move beyond the apping stage. The world is essentially there for people to dive into, but what can be presented and explored as Plot Bait? Staff I'll most likely be needing one advertising mod, because I have 3 games already at the moment, whoops! At some point I will probably be recruiting a co-mod, whose duties will be as follows: Player wrangling - keeping the peace, making sure players don't repeatedly cross over lines, stirring up trouble, etc. Has their own plot ideas and is more than willing to share honest thoughts, opinions, and alternatives: being staff does not involve throwing one's weight around, playing favourites, letting problems slide under the rug, and so forth. Staff = hard work~. Patience is a great virtue, in addition to open communication: keeping secrets, spreading false information, sitting on one's hands instead of taking the initiative -- all these traits are not welcomed. Chasing after other staff for a fun plot is awesome, but chasing after someone because they won't openly explain what a problem is, nah. That's not good. Someone with staff experience is necessary, a lot more than just a brief stint as mod / etc at # games. Defending a fort and telling a single guest to leave is one thing, but actively dealing with problem players as well as productive ones is my main concern & need. That all said, I've probably missed a few major points! Thoughts, anyone?
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