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NaNo House

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Bending Nation

Found 20 results

  1. I can find only one active Old West rpg site and unfortunately it's not one where I could develop my characters the way I'd like to. And it seems there doesn't exist a roleplayer who'd be truly inspired to play on 1x1 site, judging by how they keep disappearing just when we've started. Is there any interest in a multi-player Old West rpg as follows? - It would be set in the late 1870s in a fictionalized version of Burns which at the time was a rural village in southwest Minnesota. - Only that village would be fictionalised. Overall the game would be based on real life history and aim at realism. As in you'd need to do research on the time period and other locations whilst creating your character and whilst writing game events. But I would not be anal about it, I try to avoid nitpicking, as in things wouldn't have to be perfectly accurate as long it's nothing major. I would provide some of the most essential info on the website so no one needs to research everything. - It would be for people who enjoy writing historical everyday life in a rural community. The vilage would be rather small but developed enough to have numerous different seevices and townhouses too so your character doesn't need to be a farmer and there'd be potential for colourful variety of game events. Game locations would also include New York City and you could set a game event anywhere you need. But the point is, it would not be a wild west rpg but an old west rpg focusing on a small community's everyday life. - Character driven, no site wide plot. - The time flow would be fluid. The timeline would be a few years in the late 1870s. - My characters would be a farmer family including the parents and a very young son (5+ years old) and the son would be my main character with the parents as side characters. I could write separate events with the parents if needed, they just don't have their own biographies yet. And I also have a Native American father and his 7+ years old son, both main characters. - Celebrity play-bys would be allowed but not mandatory to use. Also child PBs under the age of 13. I personally use PBs for all my characters. - The site would be rated 3-2-2. Minimum age for joining would be 15. - Self-hosted, using myBb. Anyone interested to join? Any questions or suggestions?
  2. 1894. Rumor has it a ship full of gold wrecked off the coast of Whitby. Come explore the bustling tourist season in this seaside Victorian town!
  3. akakios


    post-war marauders era au, 1985: the end is only the beginning
  4. Silverton, Colorado Territory, 1874. A wild west boom town, where entrepreneurs, gunslingers, and outlaws alike are hoping to strike it rich .
  5. American Wild West RPG. Current year: 1875.
  6. Eleutheria is set in Classical Greece at the end of the Peloponnesian War. We welcome new plots and new writers!
  7. Everglow


    Absinthe is a new Victorian London site based in 1850. Here you can explore the darkness and the macabre history of a bygone era.
  8. While fairy tales have become predominantly softened for the younger generations, Legends Are Lessons celebrates the darker plots and themes of fables
  9. clipsed


    Charming mixes the fantastic universe of Harry Potter with the culture of Victorian England.
  10. Seeking a home where my villainous lords and jerks will be accepted (or hated) with open arms.
  11. Long term partner wanted for debauchery and shenanigans
  12. Morrigan

    Castle Terminology

  13. Morrigan

    Food timeline

  14. Morrigan

    Maps Etc.

  15. Morrigan


    December 2016 Spotlight Challenge Entry
  16. http://medieval.stormthecastle.com/
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