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Found 12 results

  1. A modern supernatural themed +21 world set in the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Blood Moon Rises is a character driven role play, designed to explore your own creative freedom.
  2. Established in 2018, Absinthe is the largest and most established Historical Victorian London site. Our group is closely knit and incredibly welcoming to newcomers. We are an 18+ community with mature themes, canon characters, and lots of want ads. Come explore the darkness and the macabre history of a bygone era with us on Absinthe!
  3. D-S

    Devil's Tattoo

    An original supernatural site: various species of werecreatures coexisting for the better or the worse. In a fictional small town of Pine Creek, Kentucky, where evil roams in secret. Mystery, horror, crimes etc
  4. a supernatural fantasy roleplay with a twist; the small town of falkirk, maine, has vanished from reality, reappearing in a strange fae realm known as elysia, while the realm is on the brink of war and so much more.
  5. c.widow

    Equus RPG

    A fantasy equus play by post role play where characters experience an entirely new life after their death that they may or may not remember. The afterlife is not a kind place and this game has been designed with just that in mind. This dimension is packed full of chaos, confusion, and even dark terrors! It is unforgiving and this is their "last chance" at living (atleast here it is).
  6. Beyond is a post nuclear apocalypse survival horror beginning in the subterranean Moscow Metro and expanding into the hostile waste beyond.
  7. An 18+ Only Multi-Fandom and Original forum that is home to multiple games created by me and the members. Currently we only have the ones listed below. Other sections and games are added at request.
  8. meowzibub


    an au stranger things roleplay
  9. meowzibub


    come ye tarnished, ye weary traveler, hear tale of the black star and the woes it wrought upon the lands of farinor. over one hundred years ago it fell, yet its festering rot still spreads into the very veins of the realm, sparing no one of its reach. now flee, ye pilgrim, lest the horrors of the black star find you, too.
  10. meowzibub


    santa carla's got nothing on us: welcome to the hellmouth! demoniac is a modern day supernatural and fantasy horror roleplay set in a fictional small town known as san muerte with a lot of dark secrets.
  11. a dystopian cyberpunk roleplay set in the city of neo solaris roughly 300 years after a catastrophic event caused humanity's demise.
  12. Hey guys, I run a survival horror site. I'm sure most of you have seen enough of me posting around here to know the general gist, but here's the quick recap in case it's relevant: There's a town that is being overcome by the Decay, this strange rotting/rusting phenomenon that brings with it death and monsters. The town as a whole is cut off from society due to this Decay, but otherwise most people can live a normal life. We recently had an event where the Decay "surged" across the entire town, and for about 24 hours the town was ripped apart by monsters. Then it subsided. The event was really fun, but I don't want the entire board to be a face-paced monster mayhem all the time. It gets boring really fast (I've played on similar sites before) and I also like to allow members to play their characters with some "down time" where they aren't running for their lives. The problem is that I'm trying to pump up activity and interest and to make the board actually . . . somewhat scary. It's hard to make a roleplay site scary, but it's even harder when people likely dismiss it because it's not 333/premium. (I'm poor. That's why it's not.) My staff and I came up with an idea to give people a miniature "event" when they reach a certain post count. (I believe it was 15 posts.) This event is very simple, such as a mysterious phone call in which the character receives information about themselves that nobody should really know, or they start to hallucinate dead people, or something. The member is supposed to incorporate it into their RP somehow, either by referencing it in another thread, or by actually using it as a plot device in the thread (RPing it out). Then at about 50 posts, I'd do a more direct one-on-one thread with the member that fleshes it out a little more. Personalized, if you will. I made the first post goal 15 because it's relatively low, but I'm not wasting ideas or energy on people who aren't sure if they will be sticking around. The next one (50 posts) is higher because it requires me being able to put time and energy into creating a personalized quest/storyline for the character for a thread, and I want to make sure that the member is invested in it well enough. There is no time frame, so it's not like they have to reach the 15 or 50 posts in a week or a month - it could be after a year, though opportunities may change based upon the general site plot. Members wouldn't be able to choose which event they received (a phone call verse hallucinations verse whatever), though somebody could politely decline to participate if they really didn't want to. In order to assign the events, I'd try to roughly match it up with the charcter's profile or personality or history or whatever so that it's something that would be relevant to the character. (I wouldn't want a character who never answers a phone because they have some anti-phone religious belief to be given a plot involving phones, for example.) At first I wasn't going to publicize it because I wanted it to be a bit spookier with the element of surprise. But now I'm wondering if it would be better to let people know up front as a selling point for the site so that they know that there is an advantage to participating and being active. People were really interested in the Decay surge event I had, and then activity backed down afterwards which wasn't entirely unexpected, but I'm afraid that people are going to rely entirely on said events and not participate when they don't exist. So I wanted your guys' thoughts about it. I'd also love to know if you have any ideas for a survival horror site. We have no vampires/werewolves/witches/demons. Our monsters are literally monsters, but they stay mostly in the limited areas of town affected by the Decay. I also don't want to rely on them too much because, as mentioned, it'll get boring after awhile. So having some other spooky happenings that are personalized to each character would be really neat and add an element of horror I have never seen on a horror site.
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