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NaNo House

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Bending Nation

Found 24 results

  1. poufkin


    Dire is a writing project intended for 18+ featuring: no word count, a shop magic system, background lore, and a D&D "choose your own adventure" feel
  2. Namari

    World of Ubera

    An original medieval fantasy with no word count, friendly members, and many ideas to explore.
  3. A fantasy RP based on D&D5E, set in a completely homebrew setting. 150WC, premium Jcink.
  4. I am looking for a 18+ long-term roleplay partner who won't randomly disappear during the roleplay and who is willing to play the male role for bxg/mxf.
  5. An Alien AI & his human partner, a world walking shapeshifter, and a prohibition era vampire trying to earn his halo back. Plots for all!
  6. Looking for someone to join sites I'm currently on, to play enemies, allies, potential lovers for some IC mischief/feels, & some deep, long-term character development. Let's go on a journey together!
  7. Fandoms are easy in the sense that the material of the board comes at its core from a world already developed - Sure there's still the question of plot or theme, but the background is already set up. Some historical periods probably fall under this too. So my question focuses specifically for boards that are promoting "all original content" in their genres. As a member, what's the middle sweet spot between no detailed lore and a world "too" fleshed out (possibly making it intimidating to join under a feeling of stuffiness)? I personally like the "skeletal" setup where the boundaries are there, with detail, but open to interpretation. When I see like 20 pages of various nuances I start to feel a little overwhelmed and afraid of being "that Newbie" that steps on everyone's toes and assumed not to have read anything. On the flip side, a well-detailed world is more fascinating then just another "xyz genre rp".
  8. “The silent brothers do not call themselves silent because they do not speak, Lee. We, the people, started calling them that, and they never cared enough to make us stop. They are called 'silent' because the try not to get involved with 'worldly affairs.' they are men-and women-who enjoy keeping to themselves, only getting involved if it puts the nature, or greater good, at risk. If they catch word from their brothers miles away that something is threatening what they believe needs protecting, then they might lift a finger to help. First, they have to spend countless hours consulting the stars, the wind, the trees, and their inner thoughts, as well as the 'Elder Circle'-A group of men and women who've been working with them the longest...” Deth ignored her comment on knowing what elders were “...to see if they can find enough reason for anyone to leave in hopes to help. “Mostly, they only act if they believe they can stop it. They do not believe in wasting anything, not even a moment of thought. So time, energy, and everything else, is always put to a purpose, be it selfish, or less. Mostly less, but...” Deth stopped there, rubbing his face. It was late, and while they should have been sleeping, neither seemed willing to actually do so. Harley's mind was abuzz with questions that needed answers, and answers that needed questions, and Deth just happened to be the only person around. “So,” She pursed her lips for a moment, pulling her knees up to her chin as she thought carefully over her next question. Only wanting to ask ones that would give answers instead of more questions. She felt like a young child next to Deth, and didn't want to annoy or pester her volunteer guide. “What has it to do with Malcome?” She finally settled on, unable to find anything better. “Some people think that Malcome visited the Silent Brothers, and that's when he found out not only about his mother's blood, but also the Drygon's Curse.” Deth stretched out his legs, laying back against the earth. “Of course, there isn't any proof. And they wouldn't likely tell us left or right. This very well could be a wasted trip on our part- but, unlike the Brothers, we aren't afraid to give something even if we don't get what we want.” Harley nodded, staring into the fire over folded arms. Worry causing lines to form between her brows. Deth watched her for a moment, then sighed. “Even if they don't tell us about Malcome, they may still have useful information about the Drygon's. We may even find an idea as to why they took your sister.” They being the Drygons, great warriors from another land. Ones who had slowly migrated over the years, as Deth explained the night before. Harley kept quiet a moment, neither she, nor Deth could think of anything to say. Deth, looking more rugged than ever, was about to tell Harley to sleep. They had a long trip a head, and she already slowed him down by at least a day- better make that half, she wasn't that bad. But her blue eyes, shimmering in the fire light, caught his. “What do you know about Malcome?” There was an edge to her tone, but Deth didn't pay it much heed. He just gave an almost shrug, sighing as he answered. “I know his father ran the village before Joson took over. That his mother held both Drygon, and Gypsy- from Hincloncg, up east...” “What?” Harley didn't know if she wanted to laugh, or be amazed at the sound he made. “Which part?” Deth cocked a brow, knowing the word that had stumped her, but wanting to see if she could mimic him. “Hinclonic-gah?” “Hi. Clon. ca. j.” “Oh, that, yeah...” Sarcasm laced her voice as she shrugged off his words. “Continuing...” He chuckled. “Mosain is Malcome's cousin, so she shares a bit of his blood- through her father's side. When Malcome's father died, he expected to take over, but the sword, you could say, was passed to Joson, the son of the deputy, and Malcome's step-brother. Malcome was asked to be deputy. Which he did not like, but stood for. Until Joson and Mosain announced they were with child. Malcome left. No one was really sure why, but all assume he was jealous of his step-brother. Expect Joson, who swears it was something else, but he doesn't know what. “He was said to travel a few years, and then found his way to the Brother's, who gave him a bed to rest in in exchange for work. From there, the story gets watered down. No one knows if he was able to talk himself up to the brothers- not an easy task, and Malcome wasn't very charming. Or if he did something that made the Brothers see him as worthy. But he may have been allowed access to their Library- housing books written by the brothers, or collected from Tara.” Deth's eyes sparked at the mention of the Library, and Harley could understand. She had learned Deth to be a man who embraced knowledge, who preferred knowing, to assuming. If the Library was as good as legend held, there would be books from every era, both Taren and Inquillium, and it would be lovely to see. “If he did get a hold of the books, then it's very likely he has learned of the secrets forgotten over time. But, that's a big if. Again, he wasn't charming, and the Brother's are not likely to let anyone into their fortress.” “How are we supposed to talk to them? What's to stop them from assuming we're a waste of time?” “For a start, they are sworn to protect, or help, those in need. Therefore, if we show up, tired, worn and hungry from our trip, they will offer us food and shelter for the night. Probably in return of something. You will need to mind yourself. Not because you are a woman, but because they see people's value from what they have done. Not what they will do. Because I served our country here, and have helped them out on a couple of occasions, they will be more open to me.” “So, if I'm not accused of being worthless for my gender, my age is held against me?” “No. Just your life.” Deth shrugged, keeping his eyes on the flame to keep from looking at her. “Well, slap.” “No. Lee, I don't... Okay, you spent your whole life in Tara, another world were children no longer do as much as was once expected of them. Because you have nothing 'honorable', in their minds, to your name, then you are no better than the oxen that till their fields. Again, in their minds.” He held up his hands in mock defeat. Trying not to laugh at her gawking face. “Maybe it'd be best if I didn't go...” She sighed, turning to look into the forest. “Why?” “Because I'm likely to blow the whole thing out of the water when I lose my temper at them sniffing at me.” “Sniffing? Really? What are they, dogs?” “Sounds like it...” “They'll likely ignore you. If they offer you something, take it modestly. Graciously- well, nicely.” He corrected, knowing she would go over board with the gracious thing. “If they speak to you, try to answer them as quickly, and clearly as possible. The only thing I ask you not to do, and this is just to better our chances of actually finding something out, don't bring up Malcome.” “So, basically, better seen than heard, but if at all possible, stay out of sight?” “This is going to be a long week.” Deth rubbed his face again.
  9. Guest

    January - Minute Chances

    A New Year's-themed submission for Minute Chances featuring its 4 prominent characters (from L to R: Dolly, Morgan, Piper, & Card)
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