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Found 1 result

  1. This topic has been floating around in some way, shape, or form in various threads recently, so let's talk about it. While I like that the roleplaying community tries to be inclusive and understand that people have different experiences and lifestyles, I find the overwhelming "trend" of political correctness tiring. (Why, then, did I start a thread about it? Because talking about things is good, okay.) People have taught me many things I wasn't aware of years ago, and sometimes I sit there and go, "Huh? I didn't think about that. Neat." But more often than not, I find myself rolling my eyes because there are so many hypocrisies associated with it. Hypocrisies such as "Be who you are because you're wonderful . . . unless I don't like who you are, then you're a bigot." If you don't believe exactly what these "inclusive and accepting" roleplayers believe, you're going to be labeled as being hateful and mean. I have seen conversations in which these so-called accepting folk gang up on someone who has very similar beliefs--but not exact--and tear this person to shreds. I have seen people not give a new member the benefit of the doubt and destroy him within his third post on a site because he said something that didn't fall into the "politically correct" sphere of acceptable speech, even though his post did not break rules, nor was it offensive by general standards. As for myself, I remember a thread in which people who claim that all sexualities and lifestyles are acceptable turn around and rip out my throat because I stated that I wasn't attracted to [insert sexual preference here]. To me, it seems to be a trend of aggression and arrogance, and it's a bit upsetting to see that people are using such tactics to bully folks into believing what they believe to be correct. (Which may or may not be, depending upon the situation and one's personal beliefs.) Unfortunately, people are giving into this bullying and are changing their sites and their ideologies to match the ideologies of these "politically correct" people in a couple of ways. The first is that we've seen a trend towards catering to everybody's specific sexualities and pronouns and whatnot to the point where people are treading gently on glass in an attempt to not offend people. You can't assume somebody's pronoun because that's apparently offensive; instead, you have to ask for others pronouns and outright state your own. You can't get pronouns wrong, either. You have to think about the folks who might be offended, even though most people would be like, "Hey, you called me 'he' but please call me 'she'" and that's the end of that. The second--and the one that I, personally, find more problematic--is the political correctness that has to take place in character. Characters can't be racist or sexist or whatever-ist, even subtly, because players don't know if other players will find it offensive. And because people have trouble separating IC from OoC (which is an issue not related to political correctness), you really risk having people think that your character's beliefs are actually your beliefs. And if somebody does have an -ist character, it's usually a big -ist that's noticeable and comprises the personality of the character. Such characters need tags and warning and whatever else so that other people can avoid them if they want, rather than having characters find out through gameplay that they don't like the behavior of the other character. I know that there is a character I wanted to play, but I couldn't ever really play him because joining a site and making a racist character right off the bat freaks people the hell out. So I'd have to water him down, which really just wasn't the character I made. The third issue goes along with the hypocrisy. It's disheartening to find people who say, "I'd never roleplay with somebody who voted for [insert politician here]!" And if you say, "Well just don't talk politics," the response is along the lines of, "But they're horrible if they voted for that person and I just don't want to be around them." What the everliving crap??? You, who claim to be so inclusive, have just excluded half the country. You, who ask people to understand your struggles and to be sympathetic to your concerns, are unwilling to understand that people have their own concerns and their own reasons for voting for a different political candidate. You don't try to be sympathetic to the reasons that person voted as they did. You don't want to know about the struggles they have. Instead you call them all hateful bigots and shut them out of your lives. What a dangerous attitude. People pressure diversity and inclusion, but they're not really willing to help out. I've always scratched my head at the whole "We need more black characters!" and if you ask how to play a black character, they say, "Oh, they're just like playing white characters, duh." But then at the same time there are conversations going on about how white people don't understand the struggles that black people go through, and how white people can never understand even if they tried. But if you try again, you'll get the same "No, really, they're just like white people. Play them all the same." That said, I really like some of it, too. I enjoy people telling me about different cultures and lifestyles and disorders and whatever. It makes one realize that people come from such different background and have different experiences, and these help form why they make the decisions and live the way they do. I've learned so much about people's religions and cultures and societies by spending time with a variety of folk and asking questions (when people are okay with it) to find out more about their lifestyles. Discussions about PB race made me realize that while most people use white PBs, some folk do want to variety, so I try to include more diversity in site adoptables. I've been made aware of different topics, and I'll go and look up documentaries about different lifestyles or situations to learn more about these topics. I just fear that people are so concerned with being politically correct and not offending people that they are unable or unwilling to open themselves up and explore different topics and ideas and experiences. And that's why I made this thread. What are your thoughts and experiences?
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