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Found 18 results

  1. So I love skinning and making things pretty and everything. I mean DF is my tweak time fun. I'm actually working on possibly starting a custom web design company based on the influx of customer's I just got. That being said I was wondering, within the roleplay world, what are your least favorite trends? What is it that makes you cringe every time you see it used. I think mine are huge waste of space banners. I understand that they are there to be flashy and (sometimes) have the information that used to go in a sidebar but really!? Do you have to have a banner that nearly spans 1200px in height to cover my desktop screen? Favorite ones from here:
  2. Everglow


    Absinthe is a new Victorian London site based in 1850. Here you can explore the darkness and the macabre history of a bygone era.
  3. On the reverse of this topic: What are your favorite skin trends? What makes you happy to go to a site every day? What makes you feel good about staring at something? I think I'd have to say... I still love sidebars. aka I can't think of anything.
  4. Hi there! I am 19 and I’ve been roleplaying for a few years! I love roleplaying fantasy, medieval fantasy, angst, and romance based stories! I don’t like fandom stuff or slice of life and I prefer using original characters in fantasy lands filled with action and adventure!! There’s a lot more to it than that and I have a lot of specifics in mind however I don’t know if I should put that all here? Oh well, greetings and it’s nice to meet you all!!
  5. Sammiie


    We are a timeline-based modern day street dog RP with a running plot! We do regular contests, have a welcoming community, and our plot is made by YOU!
  6. Years ago, I was in the RP and fanfic writing communities for Rammstein and a similar band, Oomph! For some reason, there was a TON of fandom crossover with Oomph! and, of all things, Boondock Saints (I still have no idea why). I also really enjoyed LOTR Speakeasy, which was Lord of the Rings actors (and people with six degrees of separation to them) in the 1920s. What's your weirdest fandom/RP niche?
  7. As roleplayers we are often inspired by multiple sources. This can be a tv show,book, movie, something we saw online, and even other roleplayers. For some of us we walk a fine line between playing our own original creations and literally taking something someone else made and playing them. This is something I've seen all over the place, an argument for or against using other people characters as their own roleplay characters. My opinions vary on this particular topic. For instance, I believe if you're RPing on an actual fandom site playing a premade character from another location isn't actually a bad thing. You're obviously not the creator of said character, everyone is aware of it, and you're not claiming to be. However, in my opinion, when RPing in a completely original verse, or one even inspired by another verse, playing a character that has been torn from the pages of someone elses book is just plain wrong. For instance if I joined a zombie RP site, and made Machone, but gave her a weird name, and a different playby, it's still the same character, and not my own creation. This would be different if I was RPing INSIDE the TWD verse, where Machone was created, and everyone is aware I didn't write her. What is your opinion? How close can you get to inspiration before you toe the line of ripping someones hard work off? I had one person tell me they found using a playby who played a character that happened to be a ballerina, and making my character a ballerina as well, we ripping and plagiarism. I don't quite agree with this, I find it to be more smarter playby searching since they'd have the same pictures I would need to depict my character, but what is your opinion? If someone puts all of the credits from the inspiration sources, how close can a site come to using other locations information before it becomes their verse and they can no longer claim creation? How close can a character come to your inspiration before it actually becomes that character?
  8. I.... struggle so hard with writing good open threads that people find it easy to hop into and roleplay with me. I feel like I never know when to end them at a comfortable place or I always provide too much detail in the opening (and it gets looong). I admire people who can write a short, particularly simple opening thread and leave so much potential. I don't know how to do this. I really need some guidance. Anyone have some sound advice for me (and anyone else that's struggling)?
  9. Roleplay has ruined movies for me. Suspension of disbelief is still there, but when a story is bad it drives me absolutely batty. There I am, watching this movie. I'm into the characters or the plot, maybe both. Doesn't matter because all of a sudden the story goes dumb. Really dumb. For example, has anyone seen Expendables 2? Really the point of the Expendables movies was to blow stuff up and give us the 80's action movie experience all over again. Lots of beef old movie giants battling for cool points. They don't just have boats or planes. They have Boat-planes. Tattooes, guns, cars, trucks, motorcycle gang, knife wielding, dart boards, manliness... It's just that kind of movie. Fueled by testosterone and meant to be enjoyed for nostalgia. Still, the story wasn't bad. Sort of. The story was good as long as there was no schwarzenegger, Willis, or Chuck Norris. It was as if they wrote this great story then cut a chunk out and duck taped in a quick scene for Chuck Norris jokes. At one point There is this guy who knows his chemistry. He's supposed to be the idiot of the story (the actor actually has a degree in chemistry, I might add). At this one instance nobody believes it was going to work. They are trapped in a cave that has no way out, and he is going to blast through the wall using things he found there with them like macgyver is his spirit animal. What a great scene it would be if it worked. It SHOULD HAVE Worked. That would have been great story telling. Instead the movie editors are like 'time for a schwarzenegger scene'. Snip snip tape. It doesn't work and here comes good old mister terminator on a big digging machine. This was a place one of their men died trying to get. This was a place the badguy had spent years looking for. It couldn't be detected or found and yet without contact this dude finds it. It blew my story telling mind right out of suspended disbelief. Since then, when i see stupidity in stories I find myself calling them out. I can't watch a movie anymore without looking for the plot issues then thinking how it could have been improved. Being a roleplayer for so many years has really made me picky with story. I can see when there are hic-ups, and it drives me crazy. Does anyone else have this problem?
  10. Do you think that the NPCs that were created as cannon fodder for a plot (not the reoccuring ones) should be as fleshed out as the reoccurring, permanent NPCs or as the played characters? Somebody said : "We stop treating them like human characters by admitting that they are only temporary characters not worth being fully fledged. That does create very one dimensional characters who are just here to die. They were made to be evil and their good qualities were never even considered because the plot didn't need a family man who sought to earn a living for his children by doing bad deeds. Our plot needed one dimensional villains whom no one would feel bad about murdering. What if they were just doing this because their bosses had them under control via blackmail? How then would our characters have felt killing them or voting in favour of killing them? How many of our writers would have been in favour of going down this path if the lives that were taken were more than just an evil figure with no personality or significant history?" Do you agree with this opinion? Or do you think that cannon fodder characters are needed too (on both sides) besides fleshed characters? And that this deep digging into the villains' personalities would have been worth for writing a different story, one from the villains' perspectives, but not the ongoing one, where they weren't the subject of the story but more... the flavour of the quest?
  11. Ok so I'm just curious as to whether I'm the only freak here that's had a dream about a character or not. In my case last night, I had a dream about someone else's character. I used to role play with this girl a while ago and she had this character who was severely anti-social. I had a dream about him, his name was Punk. Wasn't sure whether I should run from him or not. Anyone know the character from Lee Child novels (or the movie) Jack Reacher? Kind of like him but with more of an inkling to murder people except like, just a very select couple people.
  12. So I was just scrolling through tumblr and I saw this collage of images of Frodo Baggins and I just stopped for a second and realized that Frodo had been one of my favorite characters since I was in elementary school, but I never have (nor would I) play him on a site -- even though I do play fandom characters... I thought it might be interesting to know if other people have characters they adore beyond pieces but for whatever reason (feel free to divulge), they never have (maybe never would) play them. -- or maybe even characters you tried, but just couldn't do. I'll start us off: Frodo Baggins (LotR) Wolverine (Marvel) Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments) Dr. Strange (Marvel) River Tam (Firefly) Delenn (Babylon 5) Natasha Romanoff (Marvel)
  13. So when you're posting, which is your preference: linear or liquid? Why? I personally have a very difficult time arranging things in my mind when I have a character in more than one thread at a time. (Which is happening right now and it's giving me so much anxiety, I hate it!) This is one reason I tend to have a number of characters: so that I'm able to play a bunch of threads at once but one at a time per character. Obviously, I will play a character in more than one thread if asked but my personal preference is NOT to. How about you guys?
  14. How much information is to much information? What I mean is when we join a site we all head right for the plotline, lore, setting, and world information, as well as any species breakdowns. Are you willing to read novels of information in order to roleplay somewhere? Is there a point where there is just to much information, to many details, and you're no longer having fun? I know that I have issues when things become to technical. If I have to follow levels, items, gadgets, upgrades, and such for one character it has become a text based video game, and I'm no longer enjoying myself. Despite that I do like some structure, as having structure in certain circumstances is the make or break of a roleplay. How much is to much for you? How much is to little?
  15. Recently, I happened upon a roleplay forum that caught my eye. I liked the mood, I liked the staffing style, I liked the creativity, and I thought the skin was cool, even though it wasn't the current style or wasn't very complicated. Even though it wasn't something I'd normally join, I felt drawn to it and I admit I lurked for hours and hours just basking in its light, reading, exploring, etc. Has anyone ever felt like that? Not so much that a board is cool or neat or that you like it, but that you find it irresistable. That something about it just makes it feel like it is calling to you personally.
  16. When I was debating what characters I wanted to bring back with Tally, I almost decided not to pick up one of my old favourites. Why? Because I also play his wife. Is that a weird thing? Do you get put off by players who play characters on both sides of a relationship? It was weird when it happened. The characters had some shared backstory, but they were so different. Both were also in relationships with other characters, and one even had a character made for them. Problem was: none of it would stick. The more scenes I wrote that included these two characters, the more they sort of... moved together. It wasn't a conscious thing on my part it just happened. I was so confused by it. I'm writing both halves here, so shouldn't I have full control? Eventually I gave in, and let them be. But I do wonder what people think when they realise that I write both of them, and whether it raises eyebrows. I don't really do scenes with just them, I tend to write short stories (it flows better) to fill in gaps/provide background on what they're doing. They still have active lives outside each other. But... I don't know. It could be weird. It could be seen as playing with myself. I'm not sure. What are your thoughts?
  17. So I was thinking of making it so bio forms can only be done by the OOC account of a site rather then being done by the character account, then wondered if this would count as a turn off, or even if another site has done it before, whether it was successful or not? I mean I can see pros and cons of doing it this way (but for me the pros outweigh the cons!) Pros - Easier to see how many characters a person plays if its all off their OOC account Easier to 'prove' who the character belongs to on the board (and to find who to discipline should someone have stolen a character) Easier to track who does make and run bios (those people who may post with a character 3 or so times and then poof onto the next idea) Cuts out the need for having a 'whos who' list Cons - Bio no longer linked onto the character account (could be overcome by using the signature space to link to the bio) I'd love other peoples thoughts though
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