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Shadows Within Looking For Staff

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name of site: Shadows Within
link to site: http://shadowswithin.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

site plot:


Like all history, it is written by the winner. Of course, there are variations in tone and different ideas along the way, but the over all theme is the same. Humanity began as it always had, living on it’s own, believing that it was the toughest meanest race known to all of the world. The top dogs that were made to rule over the Earth and nothing could contend with them. However, there were creatures that lurked in the shadows since the beginning of time. Waiting for the right moment to finally seize the moment and capture the world by storm. 


Our self destructive ways might have a say in what will happen in the world. As war has erupted around the world the supernaturals beings will not be contained they refuse to it is in there chemistry, so humans have been enslaved, conttained other wise disposed off. Vampires have be the undoing of such secrecy because they feed off humans and the need to ensalve is also there. Some older vampires tend to be more linient with their human slaves others not so much. 

As humanity begin to fall other creatures will rise up, vampires, shifters, witches and many more have exposed themselves to the world, ready and willing to fight for survival. When the dust finally settles, and the governments of man crumbled, a new order has risen. From the shadows a new more stronger species has taken foothold and demanded control of the rampid species. Hybrids how some call them have been "accidentally" created, no one knows how or for what reasons the only thing they do know is that they are here to stay. 


Once on the top of the food chain, hybrids will rule all species, humans will be left as slaves. Doing jobs for the supernatural element that they no longer wanted to do themselves. As everything comes to a close, hot spots for supernatural activity will begin to pop up all over the globe. The world will always be divided into those loyal to the Shadows Society and those willing and wanting to fight to gain control back not wishing to be ruled under the watchful eye of The hybrids. Humans will be left as third class citizens, most will be reduced into the slave trades, while others became hunters and work for humans rights and survival. Fewer yet remained on the top of their game, having a skill or a family job that made them indispensable. 

Our board takes place in New York, one of the hot spots of supernatural activity, and one of the main bases for the human slave trades. There is a split among the races here, those that wish the world to live in peace with supernaturals at the top, and those that wish to wage war on the supernatural oppressors.


staff needed:
For Now 2 Moderators Other positions will open as we get more folks in.


Requirements: Must be active, enthusiastic and 18+. - Both need to know how to work coding, be biased. friendly and firm. Must be easy to approach not just by admins but by members. Some leadership is welcome, imagination very welcome Must like the lore and enjoy roleplaying, must be willing to help with new people to the site and Rping. Time zones don't matter.  Willing to have discord or Skype!



Please PM me or message me on Discord Crimson#5031


ideal applicant:

My ideal applicant would enjoy the fantasy genre!  I would like them to be at least be well versed in the RP world (I’ve been RPing for 20 years myself) and enjoy writing. Creativity is a bonus!

Edited by Crimson

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