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RPG Initiative Hosting Questions

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Hey there, staff folks. My co-admin and I are considering signing up for the Initiative Hosting service, but before we commit to the decision we'd like some more information on a couple of things. Namely;


Transfers. We've already created a MyBB board on a free hosting service (byethost) for testing and development purposes. Our original plan was to upgrade to their paid package once we opened and the site had grown sufficiently, but having done further research into the host we've decided not to use them at all. So now we have a mostly complete site that we need to move. Will that be possible without too much trouble? There are no posts to transfer, only plugins, settings and the custom theme.


Adult Content. Our site will have - among other things - a roleplaying section. This is the only place on the board where we'll be allowing adult content. What we'd like to know is; Is a stickied message at the top of the page(s) inside the rping forum stating something along the lines of; "By using this forum I confirm that I'm 18+" enough of a disclaimer? It will also be included in our rules. To be clear, the entire site will not be 18+, only the rping section. We will have younger members using other sections and features of the site. Will that be in keeping with your rules? 

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Awh man, I used to use ByetHost back in the day. Surprised it's still around.


To answer your questions: yes, you can very easily transfer. Just copy the site files and the database, move it all over, adjust the settings as needed. If you can't get the site settings working, or run into any other schnags, we're absolutely here to help 😃


As far as content goes, as long as you do your warning stuff where it should be done, and make it clear what they're getting into if they choose to, you're pretty much golden.

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It looks like you got it setup a few days ago. It should be already setup @Demimonde You should be able to access it via Store > Manage Purchases > Manage button (on the right) of the purchase.


Our setup process is actually immediate. If you have trouble accessing it let us know via support:


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