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messiah-original mishmash fantasy

If you are interested in this topic the Initiative staff recommends that you start a new topic as there hasn't been a post in it in 95 days.

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Your Name: dragonborn
Link to your site: http://messiah.kazeshini.net
Link to your staff account on the RPGhttp://messiah.kazeshini.net/index.php?action=profile;u=2
What you are looking to have reviewed: overall general look-sees. how easy it is to find things, etc, if there are any questions not answered somewhere that might come to mind. basically, try approaching it from 'im gonna join this' and follow your typical patterns and look for your typical stuff, and then braindump at me? lol i kno original stuff's a hard sell anyway, i just wanna make sure its as straightforward and painless for newbies as it can be, and all my ts are crossed and is are dotted.

Would you like an @AKNyx Ramsay Review? no thanks

treat them as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.


nubutton.png Aphelion, modern supernatural crime

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