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Kit the Human

What have you learnt recently?

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I love customizing postbit stuff so it's coloured according to each member's usergroup. I used to do it in a really clunky McGuiver-esque way by sticking the {$post['usertitle']} variable into an element class name. It corresponded to a bunch of classes I had in my css like; 


.text_Member {color: red;}

.background_Member {background: red;}



But now I've learned about the magic of {$usergroup['gid']}. It's less work and much more flexible.

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ID variables are a godsend, I swear. My favourite trick with them though was (to save myself rewriting the same code) is thus:

class="miniprofile group{$usergroup['gid']}"

So, you can do all your applicable to all groups with .miniprofile


For the stuff you want to be unique to each group? .miniprofile.groupX


Beats copy pasta all the time!


(I don't know why, but you can't start a class with a number, so you have to add a word or letter in front of the variable.)


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You can also find me at:

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I recently pieced together a code to allow members to change their own usergroup (of course to the specific group set for that link), less work for the staff and users don’t have to wait for staff to get the time to update the usergroup.

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