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Looking to play Sirius Black

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Requested Genre or Fandom: I'd prefer a Harry Potter only site, but I'm also open to crossover or panfandom sites. 
Max Word Count: I typically write about 3-400 words per post, sometimes more when the situation calls for it. I would not be comfortable with a site where more than 600 words were expected from me for every post. I don't mind the average post being more or less than mine. 

What I want: Site Discord preferred but not necessary. I'd also like if OCs are allowed, but that's also not a dealbreaker. 
What I do not want: Nothing comes to mind, honestly, besides the word count mentioned above. 

Other information: I don't care if the site is AU, Marauders era, Trio era, or anything else. I try to reply to threads within a week but sometimes it takes up to two. I don't care how long it takes for someone to reply to me. My four choices for a young Sirius face claim would be: Samuel Larsen, Ezra Miller, Ben Barnes, and Renan Pacheco. For an older adult, I'd prefer Gary Oldman. But I'm flexible on faces and can do anything. I ship Sirius/Remus but will not push any platonic or romantic relationships on anyone in any way, shape, or form. That's all that comes to mind, but any questions, just throw 'em at me! I'm a laid back, experienced writer who is looking to find a permanent home. 

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