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[Solved] IPS Character Mod / Topic Listing Question

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URL:  http://www.stormshelter-rpg.com/


I swear I looked for the original bug tracker list and did not find it!


It is likely this was noted somewhere and I simply cannot find it. My apologies if this has been addressed!


On my site's IC topic listing, it is showing my character's name but not the avatar. It is pulling my OOC avatar (see screenshot). Is there a setting I missed - still looking for settings for the Character Mod on my site or is my site hiccuping?


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.07.04 PM.png

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Just to follow this up, I have the new version of the mod and noticed a minor bug. No rush or anything, since it's pretty easy to roll with! I'm wanting to use IPS groups as my role-playing sections, and it seems that it only pulls the main account's info on the homepage!
The username styling isn't that important (since the admin styling overwrites the HTML for character groups) but it would be nice to see WHICH character has been posting! It's not a huge deal since members will probably end up clicking through to the thread via notifications or their trackers, but I thought I'd let you know! 


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3 hours ago, Morrigan said:

Currently the activity streams are not a not a feature. They are set for a future version @Sae (it appears what you mean is Clubs but still not a thing)

Thanks! Like I said it's not a huge deal, I figured it would be fine to still report, just in case uwu; (yeah I renamed them to stories and had trouble remembering clubs vs groups haha)

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