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New home for an old favourite

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Aight, so. I'm looking for a new home for a character of mine. The following should outline everything you need to know, but any questions, ask 'em and I'll answer! Just don't be a jackass and drop your site ad if it's not what I'm not looking for, I'll take a look at anything that goes with what I'm wanting.


I prefer some sort of fantasy site, as I think it's the best genre he'd fit into. I would like no word count but can work with anything 500 or under. Content rating doesn't matter to me much, but all posts have to have correct spelling and grammar at least 90% of the time. Any site host but Proboards is cool. I can modify details to fit the setting but I don't want to change his sexuality, the history points outlined below, his faceclaim, or his age by more than fifty years or so. Even though I think he'd fit best on some sort of fantasy site, I can also place him on a historical/medieval fantasy site without the more modern parts of his history. I'd like it if he wasn't the only lgbtq+ or older character on the site, either in terms of actual age or appearance. 


Name: Peter Morris

Age: 345

Race: Wizard

Occupation: Firefighter

Sexuality: Bisexual

Playby: Toby Stephens



History: Morris was a pirate captain, with a secreted lover who went missing and was presumed dead by most. But he was aware this lover was alive due to a sort of binding spell that was tied to their respective life forces, and would have immediately alerted the other if one of them were injured or killed. He's been searching for this lover ever since (I'll be requesting them) but has been unsuccessful. As piracy began to die, he turned to a life further inland as a police detective before captaining again, this time as a sort of charter pilot. He's since partially retired from the sea again to work as a firefighter, though he retains use of his ship. 

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Hello @kita, I think Peter might be a good fit for Moonlit Shadows. We are a new site looking to bolster our numbers with a group of regular members. We recently added a new member group/Bestiary entry that could be spun in Peter's favor. Whilst it is not a Wizard per say, it might still work! We have Witches and Warlocks that has been added, so hopefully you can work with that! Now we are a fandom based site but its original themed and even if you are not familiar with the fandom (which is Teen Wolf) myself, my staff and my current members will be welcoming and will offer any support you need to join us! Feel free to take a gander at it below!


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