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Imperion is an older, dystopian Pokemon game, and needs some help! It was opened March 8, 2016, and got a little messy over those two years, so I made it private this spring to rework some things and make the site more accessible. Mostly what I need are brains. I need someone that is not me, or one of my closest friends (because they know me too well and tend to make the same mental jumps I do), to get into the setting and muck about a bit, give me feedback on the setting, and help me make it better. Imperion is number-heavy; however, before you walk away shaking your head in disgust, it's nearly all automated. No, I'm serious. The only thing it doesn't do is track multi-turn effects and delays; also won't do recursive calculation for HP in battles, but just give it numbers and it'll do the maths at least.


Overall site premise: The world ended, people holed up in a climate-controlled Dome, the rest of the region's weather patterns went nutso. 2,000 years later, the Outlands are flourishing again, but the Dome still believes it to be a barren wasteland, and the United Republic, the builders of the Dome, remain the central power in Tyrrhenia. As if that wasn't enough, the Pokemon, and the ghosts in particular, throughout the region, are riled up and freaked out about something, but there shouldn't be anything worse than the Republic vs the Andascan Federation war that's still ongoing. Even the legendaries are suddenly active, and sightings of mythical Pokemon are becoming more frequent. So what are they all upset about?


Never forget where you came from...


Site Name: Imperion

LinkAnd straight on til morning

Positions Needed:

All staff positions listed below will be expected to help with the site in general. We don't advertise, so there's none of that, unless you want to trawl RPG request sections and post in relevant ones. We do, however, collaborate and communicate; all staff are staff first and foremost because I value and want their ideas, thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. It's okay if you don't always agree with me or anyone else; that's fine. It shows you're thinking and you care.

We also all handle applications as they come in. Applications are discussed among one another, and one staff member steps forward as the main handler for any given app. If someone starts giving you trouble about it, either pass it to a more battle-hardened staffer (go-to is probably Dialga), or pass to me. I will not make my staff deal with abuse.



Due to how much of the site's battling systems are automated, much of the time, the Battle Mod just ends up watching for foul play. This is actually a very easy position merely because so much is automated. You may need to operate like a tabletop DM and help players through certain quests/NPC battles, and may be called upon to help users gain their characters' Perfect Link, but otherwise just make sure everyone's playing nice, and the ones that do decide to free-form aren't breaking the rules along the way.

  • Watch over VTR, training, and combat threads. Mostly just spawning and watching.
  • Keep an eye out for rolls from free-formers that shouldn't be there. Ergo, no turning on free-form, rolling for every post in secret, and suddenly being a bad-ass. We can, and we will, turn off their ability to toggle free-forming on if they abuse it.
  • Present players and characters with relevant award badges they've earned during battle threads.
  • May also include HoloArena work, such as controlling NPC opponents, rolling for them and giving our fighters a hard time (try not to kill them, we usually don't want to do that; usually).
  • Battle Team Lead is Dialga.



The Feudal/Territory War system is a huge undertaking, and requires a lot of heavy-duty DMing, particularly when one or the other side of the war is an NPC. It'll probably only get harder later, as large numbers of fighters take part in territory wars and have upgraded their factions and battlefields to some extent, plus airships, towers, ballista, battering rams, and catapults, which, most of the time, will be NPC-controlled. The Feudal/Territory War system allows one faction to attack another for control of their lands. It operates on a chess-board-like field, and the staff need to keep track of where everyone is, what wall pieces are damaged or broken, where the towers are, where traps and heal switches are, etc. Like I said, big job.

  • Control NPC attackers and defenders during territory battles, and do their skill rolls and whatnot.
  • Spawn NPCs that assist during battles (commoners and Ronin).
  • Control NPC Ronin that are available for recruit during one on ones with faction leaders.
  • Keep track of which NPC commoners and Ronin are assigned which territory/faction.
  • Track territory upgrades and treasuries. Bump up treasuries once a week (typically Sunday).
  • Figure out, set, and remember to trigger traps and help switches during battle. It's random every time.
  • Award participants with various rewards and badges from participation.
  • Occasionally attack factions with NPCs just to keep them on their toes and present opportunity to earn treasury Caps for upgrades.



The quest system is a fairly large part of the site, as it is the only way to reach Mega Evolution, meet a real Legendary, and find certain, extremely valuable items. It's also very good for skill point gain, and the story-lines can be a lot of fun. But... somebody has to manage it. The quest system is also still on an older version of itself, the new one for the current Battle Suite version has not been implemented yet, so it can be clunky and difficult for people to understand how to use, and it doesn't track anything on its own. Very irritating actually.

  • Help out by designing and writing quests; the interface is still pretty easy to manage.
  • Mod the quests as needed, if they have NPCs that need to be controlled by someone else in it. Some already do.
  • Randomise quest rewards that are to be randomised at the end of the quest, when the player requests a sign-off.
  • Call the shots on whether someone earned extra rewards, such as Happiness/Link boosts, bonus skill points, or whether their Happiness/Link deserves a dock.
  • Later, manage Blood and Tears points rewarding; this is a reputation system that will alter the user's rolls.
  • Remember each circumstance is different, so remember to approach it objectively, and consider everything.
  • Present award badges for quest participation, and varying other events that occur over the course of the quest.

* Notice, the quest system is an older one from Suite 3.5, not 4.0, so it is a LITTLE complicated to run. 4.0's quest system will be written in a month or so.



The shop moderator maintains the staff-run NPC shops. These are, currently, manually handled, but will later be automated by the Battle Suite. In the interim, someone needs to keep a good handle on them for now. This may be the other easiest position, but it does require a bit of manual maths.

  • Update NPC shop stock.
  • Complete transactions with players.
  • Dock and award Caps as players buy and sell with NPC shops, and each other (there is no way to send Caps to another player at this time).
  • Complete and enforce danger and trick rolls for certain shops where it is relevant (black market has a chance of getting a Ditto instead of what they bought).
  • Most of the time, the system will track Caps earned from posting and whatnot, so that doesn't need to be messed with.
  • Shop Team Lead is Suicune.

* Notice, we do not have an automated shop yet; this will come in 4.0 in a few months. This will make moderating the shop much easier and mostly automatic, you'll just have to handle NPC shops and watch for foul trade play. The Black Market, for instance, changes stock based on what users catch in a quest for it.


Depending on strengths and weaknesses, staff may be shuffled around a bit after they settle in; they may also be asked to help out in another section of site management. There are a lot of systems and things that need reworking, so most likely, everyone will be kind of, here, for a while, and who is in which category will be pretty in the air at first. If you're interested at all, we'll figure out placements later; it honestly doesn't matter right this second, but interest in your role and the things it covers amid set up is certainly a plus.

You don't have to have any experience; also, don't worry about coding or graphics, I got that. I'm accustomed to new staff being really new, so we can take it as it comes. You'll start as a prospective staff member, to get a feel for working with us and whether it'll work well or not.

Each team is meant to have a team manager (Alpha Prime). Currently we have two, one for Battle and one for Shop. Team leaders/managers keep their team in order and make sure that which needs to be done is getting done. They're also the first point of contact for teams when a team member is struggling, or isn't sure what needs to be done, or how to do it. Regular Primes (mods) have the opportunity to become team leads/Alpha Primes later.


Contact Me: If you're interested in joining our team, either send me a PM here, or DM me on Discord (way faster tbh), my Discord is Arceus#0521. =] We do have a Discord for Imperion, so if you do have one, DM me, you'll be invited to Imperion's Discord.


P.S. Imperion's staff have the running trend of naming themselves after legendaries. Obviously, I'm Arceus; Dialga and Suicune are also taken, Giratina is reserved.

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