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Dragon seeks home to build a horde

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Looking for a home for my shape shifting, genderfluid dragon who likes to write smutty books and collects shoes, art, and people for it's horde.  Here are the details...


Character Name: Izel Coaxoch

Face Claim: Jaye Davidson (non-negotiable)

Race: Dragon (non-negotiable)

Gender: Fluid (non-negotiable)

Appearing Age: Mid 20s (negotiable)

Chronological Age: 800 (negotiable)

Profession: Independently wealthy/Author (negotiable)

Bloodline: Xiuhcoatl (Dragon is based on the Aztec mythos rather than European or Asian traditions.)

Brief History: Izel was one of three hatchlings of Xiuhcoatl. When it was old enough it was introduced to humans who mistook Izel as it's parent and worshiped Izel as a god, allowing the young dragon to begin building it's hoarde. Izel learned how to manipulate it's shape to mimic the humans it spent time around and so looks more like the native people of Mexico than anything else. Everything came to a crashing halt when the Spanish showed up. Izel managed to survive the Spanish but has never quite regained the renown that playing a god gave it. A bit self-important and snobbish Izel looks to further increase it's horde (a status symbol for Dragons)  and developed a love for shoes, art, and beautiful people who wear beautiful shoes.


I would prefer modern fantasy but am not opposed to earlier time periods so long as it fits into Izel's base history of being tied to the Aztec empire. I'm  flexible with word count,  comfortable in 3-3-3 setting, and not afraid of monologue in order to build story background and depth. If there is romance/sex I write in the school of Fade to Black and leave it to the reader's imagination to fill in the rest. Only thing is I do have job that can eat my life  and I do write in another forum so participation requirements need to be light (i.e: I cannot check in every week. Once or twice a month I can live with.) 

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