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hi!!! i'm aedan (or aj, or panda) & i've been rping forrrrrr.... oh gosh. a long time, at this point. most of my life??? lmao. i started on horseland when i was like 7, and i'm 19 now so i guess 12 years or so?? i love fantasy rpgs the most, especially fantasy feline rpgs. the only humanoid rp i'll do must be fantasy or i won't touch the rp. i prefer forum rpgs, they're easier on my brain since threads are more organized and stuff. i am american, from texas specifically, and just came back home to texas after spending 7 years in alaska!! next march will be 1 year back in texas. if you have any questions just.... ask, i guess? i don't bite ^-^

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I'll only bite as hard as you want me to ;)) @Morrigan



It definitely was a shock to my system when we first moved up there. I'm glad to be back home now, and out of a... well, let's just say home life wasn't great, and I'm glad to have escaped my mother at long last. I'm super happy I came back when I did though, because let me tell you winters are NOT fun up in Alaska. At all. They've probably got snow right now if it's anything like it has been the last few years. My first winter there we had 1'6" of snow in October, which made trick or treating.... difficult, to say the least. I also have somewhat less problems to contend with where my joints are concerned now, as extreme cold makes the arthritis & tendinitis act up pretty badly, so being down here is much better for me physically as well. ^-^ I kinda wanna visit FL at some point, I've got a couple friends that live over there so I've been interested for a while now. What would be the best time to come down if I wanted to avoid a massive dose of heat/humidity?? @StormyWays13

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@pandasaurusaedan Welcome to RPG Initiative. There are lots of guides, directories, discussions, and coteries dedicated to all aspects of roleplay! Please make yourself at home.


I just commented on how much I wanted to see Iceland in another introduction thread. Alaska is on my list of states to move to should I get totally fed up with the climate here in the southeast. I enjoyed Texas when I visited for work years ago and still have friends there.


Look forward to chatting with you!

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