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Staff need for a Teen Wolf RP

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Site Name and Link: Moonlit Shadows
Looking for: I am looking for two more staff, one moderator and a coding admin/coding mod that has excellent coding skills.
Contact: PM me here or DM me via Discord or even post in here! Or even jump in the sites discord and leave a message!
Site Info: Moonlit Shadows or MS for short is an original themed TW site themed around bringing a sense of newness whilst still having the old themes we love from Teen Wolf we have come to love. It is set in a new fictional setting in Australia, with hopefully a darker themes to come. It being self hosted in a way with mybb.
Anything else:? As I said I am after two staff spots. For the coding admin/mod, I have little skill with coding so this is a must. The coding staff role must have coding skills with mybb to help improve the look of the site. Note this is a non paying job and an advertisement for a staff position. This means you the applicant must have experience with mybb, coding and rping in general. Thats if you are applying for the coding role however if you are apply for the mod role you don't require coding skills. Another must is experience with the show Teen Wolf as you will be expected to take part in the role play like anyone else. This goes with without saying that the candidate must be willing to help bring Moonlit Shadows to life!


Update: We now have a Coding Staff Member 23/11/2018

Edited by Starlit

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