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RP Handles/Aliases

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I got to thinking about this because I've run into a couple of old RP buddies from years and years ago here on The Initiative. People I lost contact with for ages, some over 10 years. It's always neat running into someone you remember. 


Also, user names and handles are just interesting in and of themselves. So what online handles have you used in the past / do you use now, and why do you use them? 


I've used: 





Foxfire - taken from a horse in a favorite novel series, though also a sort of bio-luminescent fungi 

Thirteen - jersey number for most of my athletic teams for about 7 years

Seventh_Crow - from an old nursery rhyme about natural omens, seven crows for a secret never to be told 

RainxDog - From the Tom Wait's song Rain Dogs. 

Dragon/DragonBlue - longest used, one of my names means dragon and another of 'em means fire. Longer version just because I like blue and lightning dragons. 








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I've pretty much always just been Rhi-Rhi or Rhiannon or Viscount Rhi-Rhi. Just my name and/or nickname. 8D I'm boring.


My other username though, for years and years in the RP community, was Small Wonder. It was my first username when I was like...12...and I kept it for years until I just started going by my name.


Way back in the day on GaiaOnline, I was Wolfwonderess. I just wanted an account with no numbers in it. |:


I've got some other usernames I use sometimes, though. But those are secret, and for when I just wanna be a nobody on some game. 8D

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The longest one aside from Arceus was Australia. Where that came from is a long dramatic story that has no place here (if you knew me as Aussie, please do not call me that anymore).

Before I was Arceus, I was Yveltal, which is another Pokeyman, specifically the Pokemon of Destruction. I chose Yveltal and later Arceus and clung to one of them because good fuggin luck finding me with a Google search. Ain't happenin' unless you search for the right terms, and it won't be Arceus.

I also went by Delta for a short period. Uh. I think some staff team somewhere I was on was doing Greek letters as names, and my lazy butt didn't let it go.

Warlord is another one. I can't remember why. It sounds cool I guess. (I mean, it does.)

On some places I'm Esmera. It's a wild corruption of Ephemeral, mixed with one of my characters' names (Desmara).

Once in a grand while, you'll run into a Valefor, Shemhazai, or an Ixion. Probably me. All three are summons from Final Fantasy.

For a while, I was GhostMarauder. It was uhhh the random name Pottermore gave my account back when it still did that, and I liked it.

More often anymore, I may go by Kendra. S'my name. One time I was Kendragon. Yanno kind of a play on Pendragon.

Pham Thanh was a very well-known one, too. I used that one on my long-runner Bleach site.


I also have random names I use when I wanna fly under the radar, but chances are, it's bullshatted on the spot and I never use it again.


Don’t take my fighting with you for something that it isn’t. When I’m fighting with you, it means I still see something to fight for. When I’ve stopped saying anything at all, that’s when I’ve given up. That’s when it’s really over.

The opposite of love isn’t hate, it is indifference.

Archive of Our Own | Fanfiction.Net

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I've gone by Liz, Lady Lizard, Bucky, Alucard, and Kita. Liz was my name and Lady Lizard was a nickname from that. Bucky was a nickname from my Marvel rp friends since he was my main canon and people referred to me as 'the Bucky player' so often that I just made it my name for a while. Alucard was derived from Hellsing Ultimate because I love the anime (also the abridged version by Team FourStar is great). And Kita is a long and complicated personal story that has no place here lmao

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My first roleplay-related alias was Andromeda Psecreaft, followed very soon by Ameline Silverleaf (I know, I know, neither is extremely creative);

Then I used Ameline for a long time, because everyone knew me by the character's name;

Then I created a new character and started going by Black Kitty for a while;

When I started writing on forums I went by Shadow Lady for a while, and then started going by Shades;

I go by Unicorn as well on a couple sites, because it's part of my Discord handle. I think that's all.

Shady McShaderson

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I am always Elena. This is my name. And on the sites where it's taken, usually the Greek diminutive, Elenitsa, is free.



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Strictly RP:



Kit (there was already a Cat)

Conquering Worms

Kit the <insert topical thinger>

Dustcat (Pottermore!)


Others that I can't remember.



PSI: an Occult Investigations RP

Roleplay Architects: Grab a friend (or many friends!) and just write.

You can also find me at:

static-historicalrp.jpg  B8CB4x.png rpabutton.png

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I change my handle basically every time I join a site. I'm not sure why? But I'll do the ones that have stuck. (Also. I wasn't on forums for a long time.)


I went by "Z" for a while when I was on neopets. It was part of my username. Or "Mission". This has no story. It was a dummy account my friend had that we transferred all my stuff to when my parents flipped out and deleted my original account.


During my AIM phase (RIP T.T) my handle was meowmunchies. So I had numerous handles that were a play on it. "Munch" "Mew" "Kitty". I think I just thought meowmunchies was cute. I still do.


Then I started going by "Perro," sometimes "perrocarne" when it was taken (or depending on the type of site). My friend and I were discussing ... types of tacos? And somehow perrocarne was hilarious? I dropped the "carne" partly for type of sites and also because I got hilarious numbers of people trying to give me grammatical lessons about Spanish. (I know it does not mean the same thing as "carne de perro".)


Anyways, then I rebranded because I had been perro for a while. And now Thyme. Mostly because it was an arbitrary word that is cute to my ears and rife with pun possibilities. 


Other aliases I've used count in the twenties. They generally don't stick more than a THYME or two. And I generally shed a name if i have a bad experience with them.


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Zozma for the most part. Lately I’ve been using forms of Raz because they’re my RL

initials now that I’m married and I like it. 

Reality is an illusion. 



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Oh man... a lot of the time I just went by my name, Tany, because no one else seemed to have it. And then I recently found someone with it and it made me uncomfortable (which I know sounds silly, of course people share names) and have been casually switching to Lark. Plus my Discord handle is moonlark, as is some other social media here and there, and I'm just fond of it.


However, I've been --


Trilly (primarily back in the early proboards days)
Menken (exclusively on Oo-De-Lally until it's recent incarnation)
Tipper (for the later proboards days/invisionfree)


Then there are more obscure ones like Toriru or Alouette that got one-time-uses just for fun.



Join ODL's Discord!
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NTRL coming eventually.

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I've been Sage for a long while now...sometimes SageAndSarcasm or some other SageAnd--- when just Sage is taken. Sometimes it's Golden.Sage.


I've also been Rosemary, Garnet, Ruby, and Lavender. I have a thing for herbs and gemstones! 

I've used nicknames for my irl name as well, but not since I graduated from Neopets.


My gamer tag is Cylondsay, a mashup of cylon (I'm a huge battlestar fan) and my irl name!

Edited by Sage


a dark, urban fantasy;

inspired by sailor moon

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My sister was known as Sissy on a board, and I decided to join as 'bro' afterwards. Made it immediately clear that we were connected. I haven't left the nickname since, and it is very rarely taken.


You'll occasionally see me in other places as CuddlyCutlery (long story), or Flierarchy (a combination of 'fly' and 'hierarchy', but I can honestly say I don't remember WHY). 

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Uhhh. Okay so I'm probably going to be missing a few, but!

I ran around as Arwen/Arwen_of_Rivendell for a while. Ursa, I was Ursa for a while. Skyewalker happened bc of a friend... Shadowdancer, for a while, from a book series.

These days on most rp sites I go by either Skye (my actual name, because I'm mostly beyond feeling the need to conceal it), Lenara (... I actually don't know where this started), or Yume (... or why I picked this one, but iirc it means dream). I'm Suicune on Imperion bc the staff is all pokemon (... it's not open yet but here we are).


I also go by AerisLei in some places which is a really old character name, so there's that. ... ... yeah I'm still sure I'm missin ga few, but those are the handles I've gone by that I can remember right off the top xD


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FaerieTears - AIM early days

I made CovertSphinx for an xbox account on my friend's system (yes young ones, the original xbox - I didn't have one so I had my own badge account on a friend's system)
CovertSphinx stuck, and I've been using it for so long that when government forms ask about "Alias", I usually inquire of Gamertags/Internet-handles qualify. 
When CovertSphinx was coming up as "taken" for xBox when the live stuff became standard and with Xbox One I finally had my own system, I used "ChomperSphinx" - because my hubby calls me 'Chomper' based off of Land Before Time as a nickname - and it became my almost-as-widely-used Gamertag. 



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