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Bad Enough For You [original supernatural]

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Site Name: Follow Me Down

Site Link: https://followmedownrp.jcink.net/index.php?

Profile/App link to character this is for: I don't have an app for him/her yet. I wanted to collaborate with my partner to figure out the characters.

How to contact me: Reply here/PM

Preferred Playby: completely open

Wanted character information:

This is pretty general because it's more for a plot than a specific character. I would like to do a plot inspired by the song Bad Enough For You by All Time Low. I initially pictured it as a M/F plot, but I'm open to M/M as well. To sum up:

I'll misbehave if it turns you on
No Mr. Right if you want Mr. Wrong
I'll tell you lies
If you don't like the truth
I don't wanna be bad
I just wanna be bad enough for you

The "girl" would have a "bad boy type," and the guy likes her but can't get her attention by being himself. So he pretends to be a jerk to make her interested in him. Eventually of course she would find out who he really is but (hopefully) falls in love with him anyway. I would like to play the "girl" for this I think. I do have a character in mind if we do end up doing M/F (and possibly a boy for the same role if we do M/M). I can provide their info once more is figured out.


Other Information: 

Disclaimer: None of my romance plots are guarantees. If we start writing and the chemistry just isn't there, I'm not going to push for it just because we plotted it out. 

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