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Deep Sea

Is World War One considered Steampunk?

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This is a dumb question and I'm not the greatest at history, but basically I.... okay, long story. I wanted to do a cyberpunk RP, but then I decided I really like that steampunk aesthetic, and then i was thinking about the internet and telegrams and how mass communications would have worked, and then I started thinking about the aesthetic of The Legend of Korra and Full Metal Alchemist and Trigun and I pictured a walking city in my head and i just --


I need help approximating an era to research? Because I'm not sure what I am picturing is considered "steampunk", but I'm not sure if it's dieselpunk.

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Bit of a gray area, really. By strictest definition World War I is a dieselpunk era. 


Steampunk is more early-mid 1800's. 


In general, they're respectively defined by the driving technology of the time. The 1800's were defined by advances in steam powered tech, hence Steampunk. The diesel engine was first invented in the early 1900's and was a significant power source by WWI - many tanks and other war machines at the time were diesel powered - and through to the 1990's when the cyberpunk era comes to fruition.


However, that said one could argue that WWI is a dividing point between the two - both powers were commonplace. It was also the era where war became industrialized and created something of a shift in the general modern view point - which is often reflected in steam/dieselpunk worlds with the former tending to more optimistic than the latter.\



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