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Things you never realized about your character until you played them longer

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So I have a super fierce, super awesome bad ass character that I didn't realize until after years of playing her she's super self/body/decision conscious. She is fierce and amazing until she doubts herself, her abilities and she spirals down a very dark path.


It's only a trait I've noticed recently. Like over the past 18 months, but I know its been a character trait in her since I created her I just never got to that point in most stories.


So... have your characters ever surprised you? In what ways? Was it not even something you suspected? Share your stories.

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Warning/Spoiler for the longer one of them: Depression, Suicidal Thoughts/Mentions. I may have a bit of a theme here.



I had a character who played up his role on the site as the 'White Knight' a lot. Charming, stupid, a shameless flirt, a bit hedonistic but generally a good person at heart. It took ages for me to really work out that the reason he was like that was a self-defense technique and that he was very prone to self-doubt and worried that if he didn't play his role to a T then people would hate him. That if he didn't act like the prideful, dashing knight people expected him to be then he wasn't worthy of the title and he'd lose everything.  I only realized it because others on the forum started doing diary entries for their characters and I thought it would be fun to do one for him, and all that came out instead. 





As for right now, I have an Agent Smith character who I wrote initially as being a bit disillusioned with his work, having a history of either over-working or being lazy and apathetic to the point of ignoring work completely. He makes a lot of jokes about the fact that he's inevitably going to get offed in the line of duty. Insomnia, anxiety, difficulty forming long-standing relationships, withdrawing from family, that kind of thing.  I can say that I didn't think much about his problems besides the fact that he's an overworked government employee who has had a few too many stressful workplace encounters. 


We have a game on our board where you take article headlines from The Onion (satirical news site) and paste them over images of your character as if they were the subject of the news. I'd made a few for Agent Smith myself (mostly comparing him to a White House sniper or a turtle), and someone else decided to make one for him. This one. It made me pause when I read it and I kind of went 'well.... shit' (for those that don't feel like clicking, it says "Responsible Gun Owner Keeps Firearms Safely Locked Away Where Only He Can Get Them During A Mental Breakdown" ).


The fact that it hit me so hard in a game that was meant to be pretty light-hearted kind of made me step back and realize just how concerning Agent Smith's behaviors are from the outside. Now I'm considering having a thread where he's forced to talk to his division's Employee Assistance Counselor because one of his coworkers is worried about him.  

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I have an Imp (the demon kind) who is whimsical and friendly. By Friendly of course I mean that she makes it her purpose to adopt EVERY (yes, even villains to an extent) character as her friend: complete with a nickname just for them, whether they like it or not. She owns/leads a Mercenary group, and mostly runs on a Chaotic Good (though she claims to be neutral)  bubbly practice with a hefty stroke of Idiot's Luck. She's a hell of a lot of fun, and has always had an ability to switch OFF her friendly at a moment's notice and be a cold, uncaring, calculating, demonic murderhobo. Kind of an, "Oh snap shit just got serious" almost "split personality".  

Her past has always consisted of her being born into a Merc family, and being the product of a nasty divorce: Her parents each wanted to back a different side in a war, and split the marriage/team because of it. They each took a side, and never spoke to each other again (leaving her to her own devices as well). And she, them, because she was so angry at the two of them for putting money before family. My Imp's First Arc  has always been to learn (through fighting each of them in good old Shonen fashion) that they never actually split up, but were actually playing both sides from the beginning and had to keep it SUPER SECRET for her safety. 

One day I woke up and realized; no character she's ever interacted with learned her past. There's always been a wall there between her and the other characters no matter how motherly or Sage Mentor she got. It took about 10 years of playing this Character in various incarnations and storylines to realize that her entire core personality drive is because she is TERRIFIED of getting truly close to anybody and ending up feeling abandoned again. 

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