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Important X-Men canons needed

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Site Name: In eXtremis


IX is an AU 18+ X-Men RP that allows people to bring in many different canon interpretations (film, comic, animation, video game, etc.) of their favourite characters and put new spins on them. The site is not beholden to 616 or film canon.


Site Link: http://xtremis.jcink.net

Canon List:


Disclaimer: Suggested faces are just that, feel free to change them if you have someone who's a better fit. Nothing has to adhere strictly to any particular canon (movie/comic/etc); so long as you capture the spirit of the character and they fit in with the site timeline you have a lot of room to play around with the details.


  • Charles Xavier
    user posted image
    Age: 57
    Suggested Faces: Patrick Stewart (circa X1), Mark Strong, Ralph Feinnes

    You know the drill -- founder of the Xavier Institute, leader and mentor to the X-Men, powerful telepath, and ideological opponent to Magneto. Check the timeline for key dates in his history; aside from those, you have free rein to fill in the rest of his past.

    Ororo Munroe
    user posted image
    Age range: late 20s to mid 30s
    Suggested Faces: Christine Adams, Lupita Nyong'o, Nicole Beharie

    You've got some freedom with Storm as far as age goes and when she joined the team. She could even be part of the first class if you wanted. But no X-Team is complete without the badass weather goddess.

    Piotr Rasputin
    user posted image
    Age range: 20s to 30s
    Suggested Faces: Henry Cavill, Calum von Moger, Daniel Cudmore

    There's no Fastball Special without everyone's favourite giant metal Russian. Again, your call on when he joined the team, how old he is, etc. Nothing is set in stone (or steel?) as far as Piotr's canon situation goes.

    Warren Worthington
    user posted image
    Age range: mid 30s
    Suggested Faces: Alexander Skarsgard, Joel Kinnaman, Ryan Gosling

    We'd love to see Warren as one of the original students at Xavier's along with Jean, Hank, and Scott. Whether he stayed on the team from then until now, or he left and came back, is totally up to you.



  • Wanda Maximoff
    user posted image
    Age: 32
    Suggested Faces: Elizabeth Olsen, Camilla Mendes, Lily Collins

    We would love to see the other Maximoff twin in play, as Pietro is already on site and a faithful member of the Brotherhood under the command of their father Erik. Please speak with Sherlock (Pietro's player) to work out the details.

    St. John Allerdyce
    user posted image
    Age range: 30s to 40s
    Suggested Faces: Simon Baker, Brett Tucker, Matt Ryan

    It's everyone's favourite trashy romance author/pyromaniac Aussie! Pyro was recruited into the Brotherhood by Mystique and has been with the group for quite a few years now.

    Mortimer Toynbee
    user posted image
    Age range: 20s to 40s
    Suggested Faces: Ray Park, Johnny Knoxville, Robert Sheehan

    Poor Toad tries. Nobody's really sure why they keep him around until those rare occasions where he comes through in the clinch.

    Dominikos Petrakis
    user posted image
    Age range: 30s to 40s
    Suggested Faces: Dominic Purcell, Oded Fehr, Amaury Nolasco

    The loyal, take-no-shit muscle of the team. Avalanche has been with the Brotherhood for a while and is pals with Pyro.



  • Heather Hudson
    user posted image
    Age: 30s
    Suggested Faces: Elyse Levesque, Alexina Graham, Sarah Power

    Heather aka Vindicator is one of the core members of Alpha Flight and wife of its leader, James Hudson aka Guardian. Hit up Calico Jack who plays James to work out the details.

    Jean-Paul Beaubier
    user posted image
    Age range: 20s to early 30s
    Suggested Faces: Xavier Dolan, Marius Hordijk, Ian Somerhalder

    Jean-Paul aka Northstar is a Montreal native, a mutant, and a fairly recent addition to the Alpha Flight roster along with his twin sister Jeanne-Marie. He was separated from his sister in infancy, and so they are only now reconnecting with each other.

    Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
    user posted image
    Age range: 20s to early 30s
    Suggested Faces: Nina Dobrev, Alexandra Daddario, Lucy Hale

    Jeanne-Marie aka Aurora is a mutant like her twin brother Jean-Paul. She had a troubled upbringing after being separated from her brother which left its share of mental scars. She joined Alpha Flight after being contacted by James Hudson.


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