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In the Blood (Extended Royal Family)

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Site Name: Royals and Rebels

Site Link: http://xroyalsandrebels.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

Profile/App link to character this is for: Niclas Lothstonior

How to contact me: Discord (Grinbin#5454), or the site Discord, or even just reply below!

Preferred Playby: Reeve Carney

Other Information:


Rohar is the cousin of the royal family. His aunt was queen, and his father was close friends with and a military leader for Aeron. He has never been one for fighting and war, preferring a social setting. As such, he does not get along well with his father. He retreated to the family estate for a time, and during his absence from court, fell into the clutches of the rebellion who use him as an unwilling spy, threatening the lives of his parents should he not comply. It was his information that allowed the rebellion to capture the royals and that resulted in the disappearance of Eleana. No one knows he's a spy, though the royals are on high alert for any signs of who might have leaked the information. As stated before, Niclas cherishes his family beyond all other things. As a socialite himself, and particularly as soeone who also cannot get along with Rohar's father, Niclas has generally been sympathetic to Rohar, and has recently implored him to stay at the castle given the recent happenings.


Preferred Playby: Lorenzo Richelmy

Other Information:


A little over twenty years ago, Alviva Lothstonior, the queen of Draiwen, left on a diplomatic mission to the desert land to the west, Nuhara. With her she brought her lover, a man sworn to protect the royal family to his dying breath, and her unborn son, fathered by her lover. That child's name was Leofstan. He grew up with a younger sister in the desert land when sandstorms cut off all ties between the two lands, never knowing his parents' union would not be accepted in his mother's home kingdom. When the sandstorms abated, his mother moved them all back to Draiwen, along with a tribe of Nuharans that Leofstan entered into a political marriage with to seal the alliance that has so far proven loveless. Upon arriving in Draiwen, his father was imprisoned and it is not yet clear what his fate is. Niclas, feeling betrayed by his mother's affair, does not yet know how to feel about Leofstan. He is trying to be civil, but, given that he is the one who has to decide whether or not Leofstan's father lives or dies, things between them are strained at the very least.


Preferred Playby: Kylie Bunbury

Other Information:


Saenesa is married to Leofstan Bowywar and is the daughter of the leader of a the tribe of Nuharans allied to Draiwen. Her father has always been a man to adapt to the times, and that meant accepting the Alviva Lothstonior's offer of fighting on the side of the crown in Draiwen. She had no desire to marry this strange man and retains that disdain for the situation, particularly since she is no longer even in her own home, but rather in some cold and strange land, in service to someone else. Niclas tries not to let his bitterness towards Leofstan trickle in to anything with Senaesa. He sees value in her politically, as he is uncertain about whether or not he can get the Arrokko to listen to him directly or not, and tries to be accommodating and show her what kindnesses he can. He does pity that she was pushed into a political marriage, but values the alliance of the Arrokko too much at the moment for it to go beyond that.


Preferred Playby: Elle Fanning

Other Information:


A little over twenty years ago, Alviva Lothstonior, the queen of Draiwen, left on a diplomatic mission to the desert land to the west, Nuhara. With her she brought her lover, a man sworn to protect the royal family to his dying breath, and her unborn son, fathered by her lover. A few years after the son's birth, there came another to the forbidden lovers, a daughter named Odelina. She grew up in Nuhara, among the sands and the stars, with weak lungs and poor health, but with a hungry curiosity and unwavering love of life. She never knew that her parents' love would be so reviled, but once in Draiwen, she faced that every day. That, and the torments of realizing she didn't quite have a place in this world that her beloved parents had brought her to. Niclas is nice enough to her, but, his power over her father's life has made her fearful of Niclas. Perhaps out of that fear, that helplessness, that displacement, she has disappeared into the dangerous forest in Draiwen.


Wanted character information: All of these characters have been played before, but personal vision and creativity with the characters are still fully achievable. The real excitement for them as characters is now and in the future.


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