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Things I stress about as an admin...

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the sheer volume of stuff you can do as a admin. As someone coming as a mostly member sort of of person. i grew a newfound respect for people who keep these forums running. 

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I love my big casts but I still stress that I have “too many” characters. 

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Reality is an illusion. 



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Trying to run site-wide events, and hoping that the members enjoy it/can get their characters involved in it. I think trying to build excitement and energy towards site plots stresses me out the most. I want people to really be able to get into the stories and enjoy them. Even if it's setting up an environment that they can build some of their own storylines and really take off with it.

On a much smaller scale... I also worry about somehow screwing up ad codes when I am advertising. I always hit preview just to double check, but in my early days I messed that up big time a few times and still get VERY paranoid I will somehow royally mess up ads.

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