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Things I stress about as an admin...


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When it comes to thinks I sweat about... there is a laundry list!

  • Making a site for it to never take off
  • Making a site, having some activity and it dying
  • Being told I am plagiarising when I'm definitely not
  • Not advertising right
  • Advertising and all my links being broken...

Much more... I have anxiety disorder! LOL

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That the site will die with me. I have had a fairly long tenure on MRO, going on 7 years. It is a long running site having started back in 2005. I want to be able to pass it on to a crop of younger RPers and have it grow and evolve. 

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I feel the "hand holding" thing.  I have tried really hard to make the board easy to navigate and understand and been as detailed as I can without making the setting restrictive for the players (I want it to be detailed enough to get an idea but not so detailed people feel like they can't add to it) and you get players who still ask you every little thing and sometimes they seem upset or like you're not doing a good job if you haven't added lore for some very specific thing they're interested in.  Even if you're like "What would you like it to be? Let's collaborate!"


The other thing is that people are not honest about what they really want in game.  We have some players who do a lot of action and combat, but with lots of character development mixed in, exploring the effects of violence and combat on the characters, for instance, and some players come in and mostly want to do talky stuff and romance, and I love both those things!  I love the talking and interpersonal stuff and the fighting stuff so I'm a-okay if someone doesn't like doing a lot of action scenes, but invariably, we get someone who comes in and maybe they're a really good player and I like them, but then we wind up losing them because they're trying to be involved in all the action stuff and that's not fun for them.  And I say "You don't have to do that.  Or we can work out a way to say it happened without making it a whole scene."  Like, I've suggested we could post a single post saying that a fight occurred and this is how it turned out so we can move on to the reaction to the fight, but I've never had anyone take me up on that.  Even when I can tell they're not enjoying the action scenes.  They'd rather leave the game than admit that they like some things and not others.  And the process of watching them lose interest in the game when I know how to fix the problem but they just aren't willing to admit they don't want certain things in play... that stresses me out.


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