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Things I stress about as a member...


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Though I try my best, I tend to worry that my characters may not be interesting enough for RP. So far, I've been told that my guys are really good (I usually make guys, I couldn't tell you why), but I fret a little lol.


I also worry about the people. Hitching your character's wagon to someone else's (romantic or not) can be like Russian Roulette because, sometimes, some people are just really good at holding in the crazy until they got the plot in the bag. You never know with some people if there are some true colors to be shown.

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I have so many stresses. The usual, is my writing good enough? Are my ideas actually even interesting? Do people only write with me out of pity? But the bigger ones do revolve around Want Ads and Canons. I often worry I am going to "ruin" a character. Am I consistent enough? And so on and so forth.


I actually have so many worries and stresses, far too many to list. Not sure It would be best to. One of my stresses is that people might think I worry too much and am too negative.

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So many things!


What if my writing doesn't keep up with others?

What if I get swamped with life and have to slow my writing to a rate they're not okay with and bail on me?
What if they poof into the internet ether mid-plot just when it's getting good?

What if... What if... What if.... Could go all day. 😞

A "MagicPunk" Roleplay!
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I have been on RPGs where I have stressed about:


People snagging the play-by I have my eye on.

People misunderstanding something I’ve said.

Getting removed without warning for something I’ve missed.

People claiming my adoptables and then going inactive.

Members fighting all the time.

Things like that.


But that’s all in the past, I have now moved to an RPG where I don’t have any stresses at all. RP is not a place for stress. ❤️

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I tend to take wanted ads and canons, because they're the most fun for me, but I often wonder whether I'm playing them well enough. Not in a matter of if my writing is good, got enough confidence about it, but if there has ever been another person playing their specific character that did it way better, or if the members look at my version of this character and think it could have been better... lots of worries. Also, I stress about how long my posts are - they tend to turn quite long and I'm scared it turns off players who prefer shorter posts/rapid-firing. 

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I worry that after I join an rp site and post my app, the admin will decide that my character isn't good enough and deny the application after I worked hard on it.

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- English not being my first language. I often get super stressed when I read pretty much anyone else's posts. To me it looks like some Nobel prize worthy stuff and here I am googling basic words if I end up looking at them for too long. 


- Responding. I mean, it’s half the part of RPing, I know - and I do love it, but it stresses me out more often than not. I tend to get caught up in worrying about whether my writing partner will be expecting something else or is happy with the way things are going.


- Being active enough. I want to write when I have the muse and feel like it, but it stresses me out when it feels like someone is basically sitting there waiting for me to respond immediately when they post. I mean, I’ve been there on the other site and I would love to be able to accommodate, but sometimes RL just takes up too much time and it has to go first.

- My characters not being likable. I tend to love writing troubled and dark characters with face claims that have stood out a bit - not being typical model-faces. They’re seldom eligible for romantic or bubbly bff plots and it makes me worried that people won’t be interested in writing or plotting with them.

....Damn, I need to stop now - I really do stress about a lot of things 😂😅

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Group dynamics. I've sometimes struggled in groups. I love one-on-one stuff, but in group chats (Discord can exacerbate this), I can worry about whether people like me etc. At the same time, I *want* to be part of group RPs because it can feel like a family. And it certainly depends on the group, because I've felt much safer, loved and cared for in certain groups than others.


Also, reply speed and getting less plot written than faster writers. Not so much quality, as I'm confident in my creative skills and abilities, but I tend to like taking my time and figuring out details of a reply instead of quickly writing something. What I don't like with that is the pressure to get the reply "perfect" to the point of thinking about small details for hours. Still figuring out, trying out different approaches to writing replies.

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Probably my dumbest stress is I'll sometimes get 99% done with an open thread and then go "no one will take this" and delete it all even though it's all in my head. But I just get so anxious when mine sit for more than a day.

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I often worry about my characters being boring or all the same. And no one liking them because of that.

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