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 Information Directory Rule Changes

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As we continue to grow and make changes to the community to expand and improve we have determined we have a few things that we need to change to continue to grow with the ever-evolving community.


As it stands we are making some changes to our directory listing rules that will be enacted on January 1st and compliance will be expected by January 30th for all existing sites, we're giving everyone 2 months to review the changes and update accordingly, obviously the sooner the better!


The changes are as follows:

  • This addition will be added under our button rules. "Modifying the Initiative button via CSS is prohibited. This includes opacity and color changes that otherwise change the appearance of the Initiative button." We do understand that some themes do this and you may not know how to undo this or how to make it to where just our button doesn't have this style We recommend if you need help to post in our Coding Requests & Help forum and we will be happy to help you.
  • Additionally, the site activity rule will be replaced with the following rule due to theme issues where last post date is difficult to find on many communities. "Site activity is determined by the last activity date of the listing on the Initiative. Listings that haven't been updated in 60 days will be archived. At this point the listing will only be viewable to the owner of the listing and the staff. You can request to get your site made active again, once you have updated it, in the Staff's Eyes Only by providing a link to the listing. Sites that sit in our archive for an additional 60 days will be deleted." So basically instead of determining your sites activity based on IC posts on the site we are basing it by the activity of the listing on the Initiative itself. This means slow or newer sites won't be swept out due to inactivity levels despite staff dedication.


You're free to discuss here. These changes will be made shortly in our Listing Requirements. Thanks for all of your time and dedication to your sites everyone!!

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