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Whelp I thought I already had one of these

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That's a question that many have tried to answer, including me XD
I have a neverending love for sarcasm, memes, Scrubs and a few other series and movies as well as a whole slew of bad jokes (especially puns) and random facts that will never, ever, be useful in regular life.

By now I'm expecting to be on a few watch lists, if my google search history is anything to judge by (I swear gov officials, I'm an author, not a mass murderer). I like to think this is because of my 10+ years of hobbyist writing, and nearly a decade of RP experience. Over the years, I've found that I kinda flipflop between never ending novels and barely a decent paragraph when it comes to writing. I still prefer quality over quantity, though one-liners are a big no-no with me. Seriously, react to what the other character(s) is/are doing, throw in some description and non-verbal behaviour and you're already past 1 line.

Uhm, yeah, ask for anything else.


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Thanks @Morrigan
I'm mostly a fantasy writer. I love me some magic, dragons... and a whole lot of drama of course 😛

but I'll expand into other genres... I mean sci-fi is 'other genres' 😛

The only ones I really stay away from are SoL and Romance. Otherwise, we can discuss it or throw it into our other genre play and make it a multigenre RP 😛


Thanks StormyWays.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't count the 9th season ¬¬

it does not exist ¬¬

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