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Funny Reasons You've Decided to Join

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Do you jump right in? Do you take some time to explore before going full-throttle and giving out that sacred email address?


Are you won over with a laugh? What are some funny reasons you've finally hit the 'register' button?


For me, the most recent join-up was the direct result of, well, butt jokes. I'm a simple guy.

By Wit & Whitby

[Plot] | [Rules] | [Wanted] | [Discord]

18+ | Victorian Era | No App | No Word Count |

PoC & LGBT-friendly | Newbie-friendly

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I felt the sarcasm and crude humor in the guidebook itself to be so unprofessional but amazing I registered. Ended up clicking with the entire community super well so was totally worth it. RIP to the site but made lasting friendships.


What can I say? I’m a sucker for the horribly unprofessional but fun things.

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I made friends with a couple members in the chat box and I was like “yeah I can totally write with these people.” It was pretty fun while it lasted too! 


Edit: it was funny because we shared kpop memes. So I knew I was with my people. 

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Reality is an illusion. 



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I once joined a site because the girl to guy ratio was terrible. And all the men were in ships with each other. Basically the girls were thirsty for some new wells to drink from so I joined to provide. My poor character got swarmed almost immediately. 😂

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I joined a site that specialized in a genre I had zero experience in because it is run by an old RP partner I had lost touch with years ago and magically found again on the Initiative. 


It's like the universe needed us to be besties. 

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18+ multi-genre community. no application. no word count.


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I was on a Fallout site pondering joining and chatting in the cbox. 

The character Fisto was mentioned and one of the mods pretended to the Fisto and said, "ASSUME THE POSITION".


I died laughing and joined. 

Active, fun, established 2008! Come join us. 
Aeterna Roma


Sites I am on; rpabutton.png 



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