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What attracts you about a wanted ad?

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I'm a person that easily falls in love with a wanted ad. A fun plot offer and some roleplay. It's my favorite thing ever. In fact I've found some great RP partners throughout the years through picking up wanted ads or ideas from chat boxes or whatever.


  • But what is it about a wanted ad that attracts you?
  • What gets you to click over onto the site and view it to see if the site is right for you along with the wanted ad?
  • What makes you reach out to the person to get the conversation started?



For me it's an intriguing possible plot and often a Playby that is someone I enjoy or looks similar to someone I enjoy as a playby. The other possible plots can be non-existent, I'm a creative person and my character has their own life so I can make further plot from there.


Next would be the site has to be in a genre that inspires me. Having an awesome plot but ending up being a historical setting. I'm just not going to mesh well with that and so I will have to pass it by.


There is something fun about picking up a story that someone is excited about or a character with established relationships that is just fun and intriguing to me.



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As someone who really enjoys taking on wanteds, I generally look for a balance between openness and hard set direction. On the one hand, the character has to be open enough for me to be able to infuse

I met my best friend because I took a want ad solely on the basis that it asked for Kings for a Kingdom. This appealed to me because I was like WAIT, THE KINGDOM HAS MULTIPLE KINGS?  and then I checke

But what is it about a wanted ad that attracts you? I LOVE wanted ads specifically because it gives me a ready-made rp partner and quickly gets me involved in plots.  So, for me, the biggest dr

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Flexibility -- it's hard for me to get excited about a wanted if it's obvious that the player has a very specific and narrow view.  Listing a  few key events as they relate to your character is one thing, but saying - we did this, and then she ended up with an abusive boyfriend, and we went to disneyland after we killed him..... too much. 


I do like having flexiblility in personality, species, gender etc where it's possible. 

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Almost nothing to be honest. I don't take wanteds 99% of the time.  but ads I consider give me the ability to do what I want with the character as much as possible including looks, name, actual abilities and so on. I want to build a character that fits, not play someone else's pre-cut character, and I also look for the potential to be more than just the role of the wanted. The character can have a life and potential to be something in their own way, and star in their own stories.


when I make wanteds (also rare) I make a wanted for a role, not a detailed characer. listing only the necessary requirements for the role so that many potential characters or even a pre-existing one could potentially fit.

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Mostly, I want a wanted with connections to others besides that one person. I will also look at the tone of the ad. Does it sound like this person is going to act like they have a monopoly on my time and posts? Yes? Bye. Strangely, if I like the character and plot enough, I will take ads that are narrower and more for a character than a role, so that actually doesn't bother me. I can find ways of making the character my own regardless. 


Ngl, I'll also look at ads that use a pb I like and already use anyway. Sometimes I'll sidestep and overlook some things if I play a character that can adjust and fit well, like I may take it anyway if there's no hint to plots outside the wanted itself if I have a character that already works with tweaking. The site also has to not make me cringe. Just, in general, from the site itself to the way people interact on it. I may also watch the person that posted the ad, to see what they're like day to day, and try and glean if they will be a nightmare. 


Yeah. I take a lot of ads tbh lol

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Honestly? I won't pick up wanteds for a site I'm not presently on. I am not a risk-taker, and that just has too many variables for me in general >.>


The best way for me to take a wanted in general, though, is for them to have a clearly defined but open-ended role in a given plot, and minimal actual detail provided. Not having both of these implies to me that the requester just wants a body to act out their ~dreams, rather than a writing partner, and I'm not really here for that.


I also need to see ways for them to interact meaningfully with characters outside of their plot, because I am making an investment with this character, and I want to see it pay off!



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I agree with Liannis. I need to be able to make this character my own. I think of a wanted ad as a skeleton and I come up with the rest of the proverbial 'body'.  I am a sucker for a good wanted ad though. I usually do wanted roles when I make a ad though. By that I mean I give only the necessary pieces personality and ties to my character, history and where I would like them to go. It can be an existing character who matches that or someone can app the character I had in mind. 

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I like it when the requester actually has an idea of what they want to do with this plot.  Not just "looking for a boyfriend for my psycho bab" or whatever. Like yes, I also want a say in the plot, but like have a vision! What do you want to explore with this plot? How can I contribute?


I also like when the plot gives me connections to other plots/chars. If I pick up an ad, I don't just want to play them for the ad- I want to explore them as a whole character with their own story.

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The story and idea of the character has to sort of call to me. If I find myself thinking of ideas beyond what is given, we’re golden. 


But honestly i suck at taking want ads lately. I’m too afraid of messing up the idea the person had so I avoid them these days. 

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As someone who really enjoys taking on wanteds, I generally look for a balance between openness and hard set direction. On the one hand, the character has to be open enough for me to be able to infuse my own ideas and creativity with them, but not so open that I have no plot direction or other info. I also really appreciate when Requesters put in information about what other connections and plot opportunities the character might have because one of the selling points of a Wanted Ad for me is that it's kind of an instant way to get into the community and get threads and plots moving, so the more information I have about that, the better!


However, if there's too much plotting/detail/structure then I feel suffocated by the Requester's vision that they already have for this character. It also makes me feel less like an equal partner and more like I've just been given a script to read off, and heaven help me if I veer from my lines... In addition, one thing that will immediately send me packing is when I read a Wanted Ad in which the Requester spends more time talking about their own character than about the character they want me to take - as if the Wanted Character is more of an afterthought to the amazingness that is their character. It's very difficult to craft a character when I feel as if they're just going to be a 1-D sideshow to enhance the Requester's character.

I also prefer some flexibility with FCs. I get it when someone has a specific vision for a character (especially if it's a request for a family member), but I really enjoy using more obscure FCs and picking up a character using one of the many Chrises from the Marvel films just doesn't do it for me. And, if I get the feeling too that someone is just super into how hot the FC is then I'm less likely to pick them up because I'm paranoid about IC/OOC divisions, or lack there of.


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I've never picked up a wanted ad outside of a game I'm already a member of, but I do check out the ads just in case something catches my eye. I've gotta be a fan of the genre/fandom, at the very least. I don't like jumping into something that I don't feel I know enough about. I'd have to be comfortable with the plot, especially if it involves romance. The less detail in personality, the better, so long as there's a general idea I can expand upon. A detailed history and physical appearance or specific playby is fine by me, as long as it isn't some weird fantasy self-insertion thing for the other player.
When I post wanted ads I try not to put too much detail, and almost everything (including playbys) is usually negotiable. I mean, as long as the suggestions made by the person answering the ad aren't the complete opposite of what is in the ad. I usually keep history pretty vague until I find a partner because I like to come up with that sort of stuff WITH the partner.

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First I'm often drawn to a character's appearance or playby. Then, flexibility + an interesting plot. So many fantasy or ASOIAF & the like want ads are just ads for sibling and familial characters with nothing other than, "she's the sister of X and her relation ship with X is this." Fair enough, but what then? What are the character's goals/dreams/hobbies? Do they have any sort of plot going for them? When I see vague ads like these I usually just sweep past them because when I'm in the mood for a want ad, I want plot opportunities fed to me. Sure, I want to be able to build the character a bit myself but personally if I decide to look through want ads in the first place it's because I want someone else to give me a character to play.


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Most of the appeal of a requested character is in how well-connected the idea is to existing plots and how easily the character can be connected to others. The usually have some built-in plot opportunities or relationships that give them a foothold I wouldn't have if I just came up with something independently. 


Of course that's not enough of a draw for me if the person requesting the character seems like an arse. I won't go anywhere near picking up a character presented by another player if that player is an apparent control freak. I won't go for the hand-off if it's clear that the person requesting the character isn't actually prepared to hand them off.


If the character idea seems fun (I don't have one set type), there seem to be some great opportunities for getting the character going, and the requesting player doesn't seem like a hag-- I'll go ahead and check out the game and/or reach out to explore further.


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