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What attracts you about a wanted ad?

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For me, it has to be open play-by because half the time, the one they chose isn't one I'd use EVER. I'm willing to negotiate play-bys, but be willing to negotiate with me. Chances are what gives you muse, might not give me muse. I also try to do the same in return with my want ads. If I'm too picky I just don't put the character up for grabs. 


I also think if it takes longer to describe the wanted character than it would take me to fill out the character's app, I can't do it. I like knowing everything about what character I'm playing for others, but I also need room to breathe creatively!


An interesting plot is also a plus. I usually avoid love interest ads because they're boring, over-done, and over-requested. Give me a good family or enemy plot!

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As someone who really enjoys taking on wanteds, I generally look for a balance between openness and hard set direction. On the one hand, the character has to be open enough for me to be able to infuse

I met my best friend because I took a want ad solely on the basis that it asked for Kings for a Kingdom. This appealed to me because I was like WAIT, THE KINGDOM HAS MULTIPLE KINGS?  and then I checke

But what is it about a wanted ad that attracts you? I LOVE wanted ads specifically because it gives me a ready-made rp partner and quickly gets me involved in plots.  So, for me, the biggest dr

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I'm all over the place with wanted ads. Usually, it is for the plot (I love romance and best friends), but sometimes it is simply I read the description and go "that sounds fun".


I do like them to be open, but I don't like when they are so open it doesn't seem like the other player knows what they want.

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I met my best friend because I took a want ad solely on the basis that it asked for Kings for a Kingdom. This appealed to me because I was like WAIT, THE KINGDOM HAS MULTIPLE KINGS?  and then I checked out the site and the Kings didn't even seem to be related. I was like "this is weird, I'm on board."


So I think what attracts me to want ads is unexpected pluralisation.

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Leave us some Anonymous In Character Feedback!
We'll have a thread where we discuss it and get angry.
It'll be great.

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For me, the only matter of importance is the ideas that first strike me when I read it. If the wanted ad doesn't get the gears turning, then it's unlikely I'm going to pick it up.


It's hard to say anything more specific than that, because I get ideas about the weirdest and most random things sometimes, sometimes even from the smallest or most vague prompts! 

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Let me preface this with the fact that I am old(er), I got my RP start on AOL in the chats. So my background and experiences with RP may be different. That done, I'll try and answer. But I'll be honest. Remember this isn't an attack on ANYONE or their preferences. This is me expressing my personal preference, experience and opinion...which everyone has one :p

But what is it about a wanted ad that attracts you?

It doesn't. Wanted ads are, still, to me, a new thing. Basically if I want to role play with someone in a chat RP room I will role play with them. Eventually, if we find each other role playing more and more with each other, I might consider them a partner and start communicating out of character about what we want, how we want to RP thing, what story lines both interest us and so on. But it takes a lot of time for me to get to the out of character point. It's like a relationship, I prefer to take it slow. RP scenes. See if our characters mesh. Then start looking into mutual RP satisfaction. The idea of just jumping in with a character another person wants feels wrong to me. Is there such a thing as organic RP? If so, I guess if I am using the word correctly, I prefer that.

What gets you to click over onto the site and view it to see if the site is right for you along with the wanted ad?
If it is a good, easy to read website advertisement that gives me bite sized info, I will click. Again, though, wanted ads don't spur me to visit a site. 

What makes you reach out to the person to get the conversation started?
If we've RPed before. And then, to be a lazy butt that I am, imagine me quoting pretty much what I said for the first question. 

I dunno. I feel like wanted ads could just easily be "talk to the people you already RP with, they may be able to fulfill things you are looking for." I hope that doesn't make me sound like a giant butt. But again, that's just me. <3

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I feel a spark of creativity when I read it. 


Basically there is enough structure for me to have a good foundation and for the character to grow. If the character is a final (and I rarely take these), there needs to be understanding that healthy relationships also have any ups and downs. Generally, I need to have a good vibe from the player and get along with them. I need to be able to feel that I can say how I feel about plots, etc. I've had a lot of luck recently with people wanting to take my wanteds so far. 


I also need to know that there won't be any random edits to the history without involving me in the process (if it involves my character). One time I took a wanted and three weeks in the player told me there was sexual assault committed by my character. No word or warning prior. I gave the character back. 

Active, fun, established 2008! Come join us. 
Aeterna Roma


Sites I am on; rpabutton.png 



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For a rp plot ad Well it depends on what they put down.

I like the ones that are very detailed, and very specific in what they want.

I mostly just wait for people to poke me instead more


For rp sites I look for the words  'Adult' or 18 plus in the ad, or I won't click it.

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I agree, Flexibility is the main thing I look for when it comes to a Want Ad, but I also want there to be something that draws me in. Like a nice trope or idea, but I also love feeling in control of the character in general. 

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love wanteds and will always try to take some when I'm joining a site, though I rarely seem to follow wanteds to a site. I will choose wanteds based on the plot, the openness of the character, sometimes the face if its interesting enough but that is not something that usually grabs me unless it works with everything else. Once I decide on a wanted, I do research on the player requesting it though. I will look to see how active they are and whether they post with all of their characters or just certain ones because I hate making a character for someone and then never having them post.

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I think the biggest thing that attracts me to a wanted ad are the potential plots and what the person wants to do if/when the character is made. 


After that I look to see the specifics of the character like personality and whatnot to see if it’s a character type I feel comfortable playing. 


I don’t mind overly specific histories, but I’m generally turned off by specific personality traits because characters tend to evolve as I write them and I don’t want to feel like I’m too restricted. 

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For me, it's definitely about the character the want ad is tied to. If the character is compelling and this is a good way to interact with him heavily, I'm inclined to take it. 

Also, I'm a sucker for a good side plot, if the goal is plotty in nature rather than romance or family relation, I'm intrigued. 


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If I like the character concept + face, I'll take it.

If I can work with the character concept but hate the face, still might take it.

If the plot is tantalizing, I'll take it.

Give me a hook that has the right bait for me, and I won't resist. Just make sure any dealbreakers or must-haves are stated from the outset.


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