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What attracts you about a wanted ad?

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These are all interesting to read from the perspective of someone who can never get anyone at all to take their wanteds. Haha


That being said, for me I have to already be invested in the site. Have to have a general idea of how I write with the player, and if the character idea interests me. I don't like things that are too restrictive, but I like to try to fill the role that is needed and wanted. Ties to other characters aren't entirely required, that sort of thing can grow naturally and that i think is a beautiful thing when it does.

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As someone who really enjoys taking on wanteds, I generally look for a balance between openness and hard set direction. On the one hand, the character has to be open enough for me to be able to infuse

I met my best friend because I took a want ad solely on the basis that it asked for Kings for a Kingdom. This appealed to me because I was like WAIT, THE KINGDOM HAS MULTIPLE KINGS?  and then I checke

But what is it about a wanted ad that attracts you? I LOVE wanted ads specifically because it gives me a ready-made rp partner and quickly gets me involved in plots.  So, for me, the biggest dr

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At least half the fun of RP  is creating a character so I need a wanted ad that gives me lots of leeway regarding face, personality and history.  The interest of making a wanted character is that they get a foothold into the game with a preset relationship; the risk however is, as someone up there noted, that the advertiser may think you made this character for them and them alone, and then you end up pigeon-holed, which is far less pleasant in-game.  So as a result I always talk to the person advertising before I go on to make the character.


If I feel that a very specific path has already been set for the character, I will skip the ad; if I *have* to use a play-by I'm not a fan of, and there is no room for negotiation, I will skip.   I will also not make a wanted character if there isn't, in the case of a romantic ad, a caveat along the lines of "let's try them together and see how it works out," since chemistry is, well, something that is pretty hard to create on demand. 


My favorite want ads always have open faces, flexible plots, and openly state that there is room to be creative in answering it.

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I'm so picky when it comes to wanted ads. Suggested faces generally don't phase me unless it's a face I dislike, and that list is a really small one. I'm generally in it for the story, and how the ad itself is written. Is it all over the place, or does the author have a good idea in mind? Are they open to alternate ideas, or is it all plotted and there's nothing for me to contribute? I like to delve into the nitty gritty of characters and really flesh out their histories. It helps because I'm a character whore lol and details make it so I don't feel as if I'm playing the same character over and over again.


Maybe that's just me.

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  • But what is it about a wanted ad that attracts you?

I LOVE wanted ads specifically because it gives me a ready-made rp partner and quickly gets me involved in plots.  So, for me, the biggest draw is an interesting plot.  I'm not inclined to pick up an ad when all it gives me is, 'yeah, this character is my character's sister'.  I'm way more interested when the wanted ad is more like 'alright, this character is my character's sister.  Their childhood was Complicated by their parents divorce and their parents basically played them against each other.  But, since their parents both Mysteriously Died, it's up to the surviving kids to figure out what happened and how to navigate their issues'.  That gives me a hook.  It gives me a reason to pick that ad over the others.


I like it when wanted ads give me at least an idea of the personality in mind. 


But I think the most important thing about a Wanted ad is making sure the character can stand on their own, separate from the already existing character.  Can this character get involved in plots besides the one already outlined in the Wanted ad?  Can this character feasibly exist without the other character?  Can I still have fun even if the other player drops?


  • What gets you to click over onto the site and view it to see if the site is right for you along with the wanted ad?

Again, I'm all about the plot.  What makes your site different from the others?  What sets it apart?  


I admit, I don't look at Wanted ads except on the site.  I'm not going to look at Wanteds and THEN click over to the site.  If I'm looking at Wanteds, it's because I'm already interested in the site and want to see what's available.

  • What makes you reach out to the person to get the conversation started?

I don't understand this question.  Like... the thing that makes me reach out is my interest. 


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