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How do You Judge a Site's Activity

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If I'm really into everything about the board and would love to join it:

  1. Was there at least one IC post in the last week?
  2. Was there at least one cbox/discord message in the last 48 hours?
  3. Has a staff member logged in today?
  4. Have no applications been sitting for more than two days?

If I'm interested, but not obsessed with, the board:

  1. Was there at least one IC post in the last 48 hours?
  2. Have there been multiple cbox/discord messages in the last 48 hours?
  3. Have multiple members logged in today?
  4. Have no applications been sitting for more than two days?
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Top Posters In This Topic

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I jump in. I join. I make it active. 😉

I usually stick to the recent topics list - if there's nothing but ads for the last two weeks I'll move on. But I'll also take a look at character accounts that I like and hope to write with and see w

Posts.   Simple as that.   If there are posts, that shows activity. If the community talks OOC but never posts, I'm not going to join.

10 hours ago, Morrigan said:

Maybe I'm being ignorant @Khaleesi I'm just trying to clarify an understanding. How does that help in determining a site's activity. A one day surge of "users online" doesn't seem (at least to me) to prove any sort of site activity. I feel it's the same as expecting an "activity check" to show you. But there are plenty of people that will log on and say they are active without doing any of the work. This metric seems to the same thing.


Could you provide more details?


I don’t just look at one of the three things I pointed out, I look at all of them combined. I feel if there most people online was months ago and a low number, there are a shitload of people online in the last twenty hours but no IC posts, or all the people online within the last twenty four hours belonged to just one person, people aren’t online together as much to interact with. I’ll usually bookmark the site and keep coming back to see how many people are consistently online and I always look at the IC posts as well which I think is most important. Just because people were online doesn’t mean they’re posting. 

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In general, I would go by how active the staff are, and I don't just mean the staff duties they have to do, but IC posts, and general chat areas on the board. I might give it a chance too if it's in a fandom I'm interested in and posts have been relatively recent, even if it's just slow posting. If the staff aren't invested, then there's a good chance that the ordinary members aren't either, and what staff do will always influence what the members do. I also consider IC posts, apps, plotting area to be more important than chat in c-boxes, discord because that's where the 'activity' really is. (Though admittedly, it does depend on how the site's set up - I'd expect chat-style/twitter rps to be more active than a forum for it to be considered active.)

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It takes me like... weeks to join a site normally. Like I will check on it every now and again to see how the activity is holding up and see if it’s something I can handle at the time. I normally just check

recent posts/active posts for this. 


OOC activity matters less to me. I am

shy and anxious and I don’t like being forced to interact Ooc if I don’t want to. So no box or discord? No problem. 

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I base my activity expectations on the amount of role players that are considered “active”. That generally helps me get an idea of the post count in the last 30 days. If they have 15 members and there’s only been 3 posts in the last 30 days I’m a bit wary unless of course the season/time of year has anything to do with it. School, holidays, etc. can also play a part in decreased activity. However overall I tend to pay the most attention to a chat platform, some sites do have chat boxes on site that are quite inactive compared to they’re platform of choice so I often find myself digging for a taste of the community activity over the actual writing (as I may have caught the site in a fluke or something where they’re not as active as normal).

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I usually stick to the recent topics list - if there's nothing but ads for the last two weeks I'll move on. But I'll also take a look at character accounts that I like and hope to write with and see when they were last online or what their last activity was. Like, do they login and actually post? Or do they just login and lurk and talk in the discord? I don't really take discord or cbox chat as activity - I care about actual posts.

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For me, I usually look at the cbox or if they use a discord mainly instead, then that. My personal preference is a site that has at least some sort of conversation daily in the OOC chat, even if it's small. Idk, it just makes me feel like the community is more active than if people are only speaking to each other every few days or once a week. But more important to me is when the last roleplaying thread was posted/replied to, or when people were last plotting/planning threads.

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The first thing I do is look at the IC activity in the last month. 

  • How many posts have been made? 
  • How many of those posts are from the same player/character? 
  • How long have those threads been waiting for posts? 
  • Are they rapidfire or comm posts, or multiparagraph replies? 

And then I look at OOC activity. 

  • When was staff last logged in? 
  • How quickly were apps approved? 
  • Are people chatting in the Discord/cbox? 
  • Are there people who haven't posted in forever that are allowed to keep characters? 

And then at plotting. 

  • Do people reply to shippers? 
  • Are open threads made? 
  • Are open threads taken? 
  • Do people talk in the Discord's plotting channel, if there is one? 
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For the first time in YEARS, I joined a site made by someone else. It was only a few days old by then and it looked like it was only the admin who was an active member so far, but I noted that the admin was posting with themselves, which impressed and pleased me (as these are things I have also had to do as a new admin to make the site look active and know it takes a lot of patience and dedication to do that). I joined pretty much right away!

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A friend told me that as longas the admins are active then the site is breathing. See the online list, and poke. Not every

 member and admin subscribe to the forum topics.

Some sites have a notification system where emails don't get to the inbox.

Or  the email site is a bit screwy, and get a notification days later.

If no one is replying in either  the rps, or the chat  for months / weeks , and no one is online then  yes it's dead. 


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For me, I just like to see how many new posts there are. It doesn't matter to me if it's a low members count on the site in general, I just want to make sure there are threads happening every day or every other day. 

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I tend to look at when the last IC threads were posted in as well as activity in the cbox, unless they have a discord since that tends to kill activity in a cbox. I also tend to look at whether the posts are only happening in things like communication threads as opposed to actual threads since that tends to turn me off from a site.

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