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New Here, Hello~!

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Don't know what to say? Try these questions (not mandatory):

  • How long have you been RPing?: since 1999 - 2002 at the earlist time frames.
  • What are your favorite RP genres? Wolves and Lions <3 Semi Fantasy to high fantasy driven.
  • How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? Forum - chat and email but mostly 100% Forum boards.
  • What country are you from? USA
  • What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Lovely Bones (book), Legends (Movie), Interview with a Vampire (Movie), Jurassic Parks/worlds (Movie), Anything late 80s to early 2000s in music. (examples would be Sting - Englishman, Sade - Smooth Operator, Toto - Africa, Bon jovi - Aerosmith - LinkinPark - WARDRUNA - FAUN and many many more)
  • What other interest/Hobbies do you have? Graphic design - I love making art of other peoples characters for commissions, as well as Photography I take professional like images with a Rebel Canon EOS T5i. 
  • What's your favorite color? Green and Cyan blue.
  • What's your favorite drink? Sweet tea (and i mean SWEEET tea)

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