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Feedback - how and when should a member give it?

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I mean we all don't mind when we get constructive feedback, that's why we don't mind reviews and apps for the most part. But what about feedback on your site? On the way you run? A bad UX thing?


  • Do you ever want to hear it?
  • Is there an appropriate way or an inappropriate way?
  • How to do you accept member feedback?
  • How to you encourage member feedback?
  • How often do you implement member feedback?

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I usually do want to hear member feedback regarding the site if it's given in a constructive manner. If it isn't constructive at all, offering no suggestions or improvements, I'd consider that a bit inappropriate. I also prefer criticisms to be kept to discord because it's easier to discuss them there than on-site. 


I regularly try to encourage member feedback by asking members what they think about something on the site. Questions like 'what drew you in first?', 'is there anything you didn't really like?' or 'do you think there are any fun additions we could add to the plot, etc?' are always good to ask, particularly if you built the entire site on your own and want outside opinions. 


Member feedback is only something I tend to ask for at the beginning of a site's life or whenever something new is added/being added. If I'm throwing up a new subplot, I'll often ask what everyone thinks and take suggestions for it. 


So overall, I love member feedback if it's constructive because it lets everyone feel involved in the site and can be especially helpful if you're staffing alone and don't have anyone else to bounce ideas off of. 

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Yup, I appreciate feedback... On PM. Give your feedback the time and space it deserves and I'll do the same in return.


Now that I think about it however, I don't think I'm really clear on being open to feedback and the best channel for it. Time to reread my documentation!


I don't tend to request everyone's thoughts on things. Just implement and see what happens. Mostly because the changes I make won't actually have an effect on the actual RP, so will not be detrimental to the important bit. Changes I make are around the important stuff, such as (hopefully) making it easier for people to make connections to write, providing inspiration, rewarding people for RP and fostering a community that reads each other's stuff.


Off the top of my head, I don't think I've knocked back any feedback and have implemented requested changes pretty quickly.

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I  want to hear member feedback regarding the site if it's constructive.  I do implement it when I can and when it makes sense for the site. If I can't implement it, I explain why. Sometimes, I might say that if he wants it, to help me implement it.


There are also cases when I ask specifically for opinions and votes, and then, if you didn't say your part when I asked, it's like at the Catholic marriage - "speak now or forever keep silent."

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I have suggestion boards on all games I admin on. I want suggestions. Sometimes what makes perfect sense in my head is lost on others. I love feedback. 

Now... do I take it all and change everything on the whims of one? HELL NO! Ain't nobody got time for that. But some really great things come from opening the platform for suggestions. Some can be pretty amazing. Credit where credit is due, we're a community of writers. I like having my community comfortable with feedback. And I like to be free to ignore it 😛 

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