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What's considered mature content on jcink?


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For the first few years, I wanna gain some traction for my rp but one thing that bothered me is the kind vague "mature content" thing jcink states in one of it's premium features. One of the Rps I'm developing has some slight cases of gore and profanity but little to no sexual elements like sex or nudity (just to be safe). But here's the thing, it's a urban fantasy thing where half succubi are a thing. 


I just wanna make sure that pg 13 rated forum is not taken down for being considered mature content. Of anyone can give me some pointers, that would be much appreciated.

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PG-13 is a rather vague term that has changed a lot over the last 30 years. Most people believe that a stock L2V2S2 RPG Rating is about the equivalent and is acceptable to be considered PG-13. I don't think John would ever shut you down however I've heard that he'll contact you to tell you to remove the objectionable content or upgrade to premium.

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I was scratching my chin over this a few months ago and I found some helpful info on things Jcink would allow. They gave some good examples, honestly I was surprised by the list they provided but I’ll take Dark Knight and Criminal Minds. 







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