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Fanged Wonder

Create & install a pop up bar below site header.

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So basically,  I am seeking a code for a pop up bar, with moduls/spots, for updates, current event, OTM spotlight, ratios & featured ad. But I haven't the first idea where to start. And have not been able to find a code for exactly what I want.

The width would be, 1000px.  Colors: background, black. Font red. Border white - to match in with the skin.
Fonts: LemonTuesday - for the titles in the bar itself. And Noto Sans for the text in the pop ups.
Additional Elements: Text hover on mouse over, on OTM images.  Scroll on the updates box.
OTM spaces to include - male of the month, female of the month, ship of the month, thread of the month, Member group of the month, Badass of the month. Images to be roughly 100x100. Ratios - there would be 10 of them, colour coded -but I am happy to add in the colour hexes for that myself so long as I know where to put them. Featured Ad, I'd like a space for a small image & a small description. Same for the event.
Does anyone know if there is a code like this out there, or even something similar which might work or is tweakable. Or even better still,  someone who will help me create this? Credit would be given in the site credits of course should someone be kind enough to provide this for me.

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Okay, so I've tried to make something up. It's very rough obviously, but something looking along the lines of the following.


The look of the pop up bar itself.  Here.  Now onto the pop ups themselves.

The updates. Something like that, but able to scroll as more updates are added/ update text gets longer.

Featured wanted ad & current event both something like this. With a clickable link to the thread on the image.

OTM's & Most Wanted both something like the following, with a little text tab/bubble that pops up with the title -or name on the MW- when you hover over the image. option to possibly have a 3rd row added in maybe? If not, no problem at all.

And Group ratios 

I messed this one up a little. But something along those lines, but neater. Obviously the group colours will be coded to match the group hexes-which I don't currently have on hand. But I can put those in, as long as I know where in the code it goes.


Hope this is a little more helpful.


Is the wrapper & stylesheet needed for the skin I am hoping to install it on?

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