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Never again will I...


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Never again will I let certain people stay on a site simply because of the idea that "everyone is welcome!" If you're purposely causing drama or just don't fit in with the site, it's my right to tell you it's not working out and to ask you to please leave. Had far too many issues on past sites where the head admin just refused to do anything about a problem member.

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Never again will I give any attention to those members who want to trash talk other members. That type of gossip just breeds negativity. 


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While I was still doing tumblr RPing,I learned to never again trust someone who dumped me because the 'it' clique of the RP didn't like me. Took them back and had them bully and belittle me a week later on an RP I convinced him to join just to get into the 'it' clique on there.. again.



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Allow people to mess with my codes

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Have a vent channel in my site Discord.

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Let people walk all over me because of the philosophy that people change and everyone should be welcome.


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