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Never again will I...

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Wow this is spectacularly on point with my never again...   Never again will I morph the views of my site to appeal to potential or new members. I always thought that in order to gain a memb

Never again will I give in to something I don't want to do on my site to attract potential members or appease a current member who is complaining. The site was like this when you joined, should have g

What are things you are likely never going to do again as a forum administrator?   Never again will I make friends staff members just because they're my friends.

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Never again will I decide to listen to my members of how “great” someone is when my gut is screaming they are a creep.

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--Never will I ever - again --


1.  Allow the worry of losing typists ( possibly) to shade the fact one problem typist HAS to go.


2.   Never will I ever ignore the warning signs that others had for certain newbs, or the warning signs from past Rps to welcome a player.


3.   Never will I ever let the forum take precedence over MY life.


4.  Never will I ever swallow that bad taste when I know there is a destructive staff member- SHOUT THAT LOUD>

5.  Never will I ever deal with ignorance. I have a huge pet peeve- I dont care how  long a thread takes I have life- BUT please do me the courtesy of letting me know that you decided you are not feeling it....its downright ducked up.

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Never will I ever...


Allow someone to be staff after they've dumped me and the site once. If they leave because of a good reason, great. Ghost or use petty reasons, never again.


Allow someone to manipulate me into doing something I don't want to do (on site/character/etc)


Not listen to my gut when it's telling me something isn't right.


Allow someone to TELL me how I am supposed to run MY site.


Allow someone to tell me how I should be as an Admin, staff, or member. I'm a big girl. I've done this a time or two.

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Never again will I keep my opinions to myself when I have a bad feeling about a member. Not only did the issue escalate beyond belief, but we experienced several issues with other members after we were forced to remove them. Twice this has happened to me, and twice I have regretted it afterwards. 

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Never again will I stay on a site with staff that treats me like less than a person. Been through it twice and I'm free now and it's such a nice good feeling.

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Oh I had that a few times about the not saying anything about something.


But it was not me -- I have seen this a few times at our place. New members arrive. They know or have written with some of our members and these members mention to one or more mods that the newbie has had several severe issues with other places. The mod does not want to rock a boat and figures its not important and stores it for future discussion.


The discussion never occurs and this newb blows the place up. 


Never will I ever file away such things and I will make sure we all speak up and encourage our staff to do this because 9 out of 10 times if the newbie was bad news elsewhere he will be bad news here.



( newbie as in new player not new to rp)

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