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Emails I delete, (Which maybe I shouldn't, but ya know...), I leave my alert tags alone until I've replied to the thread, or if it's a groups thread, I delete them until it's my turn next. I've got so many characters right now, with a few more on the way across a few sites, which I've started a google spreadsheet RP tracker.  Totally not current cause I haven't sat down and put in everything for everywhere just yet, but I do know it works for other players.

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Bookmarks! My software has bookmarks

so I just bookmark all my current topics. Then I go through them, usually comms first and then in order of the others. When a topic is finished I delete it from the bookmarks. 

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A tremendous number of my tags are from JPs (Joint Posts) and they are put in our Discord's Tags channel with a link since posts that are edited do not alert as new. On our post-by-post scenes, I follow the email link and make sure not to delete the site alert until after all tags are answered.


PS: I also limit my threads so that I am not overwhelmed. I usually know where I owe replies.

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Pen and paper, says the old lady. I just add all of the tags I have to do for the day to my planner and do them after work. When I had more active roleplays, I'd go with a G. Docs spreadsheet in order to keep track of where, when and who had posted for me. 

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Shady McShaderson

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Tabs!!! Lots and lots of tabs!!!


You get a tab and you get a tab and you get a tab. 


happy oprah winfrey GIF


Actually tabs are how I organize my whole internet life. “This window is for all my work stuff” “this is all my roleplay stuff” “this is all my initiative and other stuff. 


Im horribly traditional in how I track posts/tags though because I could make an activity stream that includes all posts that I have started and/or participated in and only show the newest content so I would know if I’m up or not since I use IPS I just never have. 

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Whenever possible, I set up a thread tracker on the forum. It lists all the threads my character has ever been in, and I usually keep track of which threads are ongoing by underlining them or bolding them, etc. Otherwise, I just periodically go through the forums and open a new tab for all of my threads which have a new reply, and then reply to them. I tend to only do replies once all of my threads have been replied to, though this varies depending on the speed of my partners. (If it's just a day or two difference between getting replies in all my threads, I'll wait- if it's longer, I usually don't.)

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I just loaf around until someone hits me and asks where their words are. Then I give them a post.


Just kidding. Mostly. I too, am a bookmarks gal. I bookmark all my active threads. If it goes more than a month without a reply I most likely delete it.  We'll see how things go when I open my new project. We'll be using Arceus' SMF Character Mod there and it has a built in thread tracker so woohoo for that convenience. 


When I was on Jcink I would just save my alerts instead of deleting them. 

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Many forums have an unread replies list somewhere on them, so whenever I get a new reply I can check that list. if they also have a mark unread option, I keep the thread in that list until I reply to it.

those that don't have a way to easily find updated participated threads often have a more universal recently updated threads list somewhere because as long as the site is small enough to do so, I'll reference the threads I need to reply to from that list.

if it's a big site or has neither of the above I check the boards by hand, knowing that my threads will bump up to the top if they get a reply.


somehow I haven't lost track of many threads, and those that I do drop are usually dropped intentionally.

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I keep my Jcink alerts and delete them when i reply to the thread. If my partner never replies and the thread is 'lost', I will remember it and just go pick it up because our forum is easy enough to navigate. It is likely that I'll not bring it up, though, as I don't tend to worry about non-plot-critical threads. I also receive email alerts, so if I'm looking for something and just can't find it, I can always look there.

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I do the bookmark thing as well. I usually will try to keep them in order with a folder for each forum. I can easily run through and see if something's owed and if not move on. I've also gotten into tagging folks in Discord so they know they have a reply. I'll look for mine as well. Right now it's easy having just the one forum. Even then I have a folder for the bookmarks for it.



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I just subscribe and get notified by email, then remember (I don't have a lot threads so that easy.)


On my own sites I like to show the user's subscribed threads on the index so that it's easy to tell if you have replies to write.



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You can also find me at:

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