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Avoiding Killing other Characters

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I HATE my friend's new character and she LOVES him so she's pushing him into everything I'm trying to do. He just rubs me the wrong way and the characters that interact with him just want him to die. I'm just trying to get out of the way...

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A time-old conundrum.


Sucks, and it’s a hard one to resolve without hurting feelings. Unaddressed, though, resentment is going to build. She might just be oblivious. She might be inconsiderate. But we’re here for entertainment, and that shouldn’t be a one-way street.


Offer alternatives. Does she have other characters you like better? Offer to get them involved instead. There’s gentle ways to mention you’re tapped out with one character – “hey, I’ve already got [Obnoxious Dude] in these threads and I want my character to be able to branch out with others”. Depending on how mature she is, you could try telling her, “hey, this character isn’t really hitting the right notes for me, can we do more with [Not Obnoxious Characters]?”


Honestly, if it’s to the point your characters have sincere motivation to kill him AND they can't escape him? I’d probably be floating murder plots with her if I were you.

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When this sort of a situation has happened to me in the past, I try to look for signs ahead of time that indicate the situation may be inescapable. I don't want my character to pull their punches, so often I will stay in close communication with the person I'm writing with regarding how the plot is moving and what direction the thread seems to be taking. Usually, if they don't want to be seriously injured or killed, I will give them a heads-up about the situation and I will let them know some ways that they can viably outwit my character, therefore saving themselves. I tend to like this method better than getting another character involved.

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