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Self-Hosting... who do you use?


Message added by Morrigan

Please don’t forget they are asking who you are hosting with and how much!!!!

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I don't understand what self-hosting is. I can see the benefits of having more control but I'm interested in what it really mean. I currently use jcink and apart from the $79 per year for the privilege of having no content limitations I feel I have plenty of control.


But, I love stats and I noticed people talk about that. With the jcink site I can see some basic stats but I'm guessing with self-hosting you can see everything similar to having your own website, and I do love the idea of having the site name minus the jcink hosting part.


I have my own website and I use the wordpress admin panels and themes. Are you talking about something similar to this?  Buying the domain and hosting? Can those sites use the coding from, let's say, a jcink skins or do I need to learn coding, or buy a skin, that fits with whatever I purchase?


I know this thread isn't for these sorts of questions and I'm happy to start a new one if preferred by the mods.

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