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When you think of Community, you think of...?

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When you think of Community, or RP Community, what comes to mind immediately? Is it a positive thought or do you remember something that is bittersweet? 

Do you think that what makes you remember a community fondly is more of a golden-glow of memories being shaded by time passing than the actual experience? (For an example, I find now a days that it is really difficult to find the same sort of feeling I had for MMO communities than when I did years ago just starting out.) 

What to you, right now, makes a community well--a community? 

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I RP for several things. I use it for a creative and social outlet. In the early days - this was a LONG time ago when about the only RP outlet was email - I was in it mainly for the creative writing aspect. As I got older and my social life changed, I became more interested in the social aspects of RP.


Now, an RP community to me is a smooth combination of both things. Like-minded individuals who want to combine their talents to tell stories. In the process, they become friends. I enjoy all aspects of RP from plotting chats, to writing and on and on.


I should also say that my RP sites are small. We rarely have more than 10 individuals writing so becoming friendly and making it a true community outlet has not been difficult.


When I look for an RP to join, I look for the same things. I want to see a friendly and welcoming group with admins that encourage all levels of communication and creativity. For me, it's all about the stories and the people that tell them!

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My favorite roleplay site, ever, before my own of course was one where people really got together. I was sad to see it get closed down.


We mostly ran 1x1 roleplays, but everybody helped each other. Whether it was getting through a tough post, finding roleplay partners, or something real life. We treated each other as equals, almost without exception, regardless of roleplay preferences or real life opinions, thoughts and ideas.

In many cases, we were friends first and roleplay partners second.


And this is what I see in most good communities, whether it's an RP site or a hobby-club or something. You're bonding over something you like to do and that evolves into a real friendship. It's a social outlet, a place and a time to relax, that we all need to unwind from everyday stresses.

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We have an amazing community where we're all close and supportive of one another. It hasn't always been this way; when I first joined, things were a lot more fragmented and a few poisoned apples in the barrel were sabotaging the community from the inside, but four years later we've really found our groove.


To the point that some people just join our board to be part of the discord. They might RP a couple of times to make a token effort, but then that drops off and they're still hanging out in the chat just for the banter.

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Friends! Mutual interests! Getting to know people when they do join and becoming friends with them! At least, that's what I want my community to be like. It's cool because I've met at least five of my RP friends IRL and I have voice chatted with a couple of others. It makes me feel closer to them, even though I am super shy about that stuff at first. I feel like it brings us closer the more we do it and we can get real and silly and get to know each other on a new level. 


I like having things outside the RP to be able to connect me with the players, is what I'm saying.

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A group of people who you can just chill with in the chat after a long and stressful day. A group of people that are easy to get along with, stress free, and just so happen to share the same hobby on the same forum. That's what a community is all about. Zero stress, easy going, and fun writing.

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