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Marvel site ideas

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So I'm working on putting together a Marvel site. I'm pretty done with registration and Infinity War plots, so I started looking for some other ideas. These are the ones that have come to mind so far that I've liked the best, and I wanted to get some feedback. Questions, comments, concerns, your own ideas - throw 'em at me. I want to keep things kind of sandbox-y and member/character driven as opposed to a big overarching site plot, but I do want to have a solid premise to base it off of instead of running a 'true' sandbox. 

1) Time Warp: Characters can be pulled from any point in their canon, and not necessarily the same points. Children could be older than their parents, siblings who were not twins could be the same age, Charles Xavier might be in his teens but Erik Lehnsherr might be an elderly man. There's also the option for characters to be pulled from multiple points in their canon, with a set space between the points they are pulled from. For example, every iteration must be fifteen years older or younger than the version(s) of that character already around. Multiple playbys would be used for the same character if that were the case. 

2) Post-registration: Yes, SRA plots have been done to death. But what if the registration efforts failed and enhanced/mutant/Inhuman characters gained control of the world? More of a political and slice of life tilt to it, but still plenty of opportunities for knock down drag out fights. Of course there's types like the Brotherhood that are setting up a new government geared toward oppressing remaining humans, and those who think the new sociopolitical setting needs to be used more wisely. 

3) Amnesty Act: Rehash of a site I opened years ago but never got off the ground. The government offered those with secret identities a deal - those who retired and gave up information would be pardoned of their past crimes. However, it turned out that it was all a setup - 'acceptable casualties' and all - and dozens of lives were lost. Criminals get bolder by the day while many of the 'good guys' lose faith in the law, and some turn to morally ambiguous or even villainous paths. 

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When starting a new site I always want to ask the admin: "What sounds most fun to you?"


The idea you have the most passion for is what will jumpstart the site. If you're excited to log in every day because you have a flood of ideas, that's the route you should pick.


If you're lukewarm on the three ideas you've got rolling, think about which ones you have the most knowledge of. Which idea do you have the most understanding of that you can write about? Which idea gives you more posts to plot over the next year.


Of course, starting a site is rarely something we all do alone, so maybe consider which of the ideas gives you the most room for plotting to start off in but maybe seems more open after its start?


No matter what, this is your site and you should have fun with it.

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Agreed on what was said above regarding what excites you most, as I have been in that place where as an admin, my interest flagged and the game flagged with it.


That said, I also know what it's like to have like 3000 ideas you're pumped about and wanting feedback! I personally really love #1 -- I come from a mostly pan-fandom background, and what always drew me to those most was the potential character interactions you couldn't get anywhere else, and this has that element. I also love particularly the difference in age rule for duplicates, because it is so difficult (in my experience) to do duplicates without feathers getting ruffled, and I think this solves that by making it a significantly different dynamic for each version.


I think #2 has potential, but as you seem aware of, isn't anything all that new and fresh, like #1.


I like #3 more, although it seems like it would be a lot of work to establish the flow of plot and keep things on the rails so that folks don't lose interest, so I guess the question is how sandbox-y do you need this to be.


Also, #1 could be combined with #2 or #3 to give those a little more depth and give more options. Can you tell I really like idea #1? I really like idea #1, haha.

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