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To the person who inspired me to take the plunge!

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Big, big shoutout to a writing partner of mine!


When I was no longer comfortable on the site we had in common, I was ready to give up on the Marvel genre as a whole. I'd been writing in it for almost five years, but every time I joined a site, things didn't last. Either the site died or something happened to where I was uncomfortable on it for some reason or another. I told myself that this was going to be the last time I tried in the genre if things went bad, because it wasn't worth it. At this point I'd been on over a dozen sites and only stayed on one for more than six months. Unchecked metagaming and powerplaying, members that were allowed to bully other players because the bully was more active, admins that verbally abused members, that mocked or insulted guests for questions, that blocked members from taking specific characters or playbys, taking away characters or playbys from members operating within activity requirements because a new movie was coming out that would attract new players who might be interested in that character and be more active...


There just seemed like an inordinate amount of bullshit going on in the Marvel rpc. Those are all examples that I've seen firsthand, reasons that staff have admitted being behind their behaviour towards me or other players. It hurt that I felt like I'd have to leave behind my favourite genre. I'd toyed around with the idea of running my own Marvel site off and on for years. Once I even got something opened, but I was dumb enough to rely on word of mouth rather than dropping my site ad anywhere and it died in a matter of weeks with only two members besides myself. Since then, I'd always been too busy to add another staff position to my plate. With a couple sites I was on that closed or died in the last few months, I had more time on my hands. But I still wasn't sure. When I put up a notice that I was leaving the last Marvel site, though, my partner DMed me within minutes saying that they hoped to write with me again in the future and they'd enjoyed our threads. 


Between that, and that shoved-into-the-back-of-my-mind notion of starting my own site... well, it wouldn't hurt to mention that I was thinking about it, right? And that I could drop them a link? They were receptive to the idea, and even helped me flesh out some things in the building of my site. It's not open yet, won't be for another couple weeks at the least, but I'm getting more excited by the day to get things up and running. I don't think I would have pursued the idea if I didn't know that I would have at least one person on the site when I was starting. Now that I've started on the process, though, those new-site jitters are nowhere to be found! Instead I'm super excited and absolutely ready to get things up and running already. I'm looking forward to being able to play some of my favourite characters again, and know that I don't have to worry about the rug being yanked out from under me at any moment for arbitrary or even no reasons. 


It wouldn't have happened without their enthusiasm and help, and I can't thank them enough ❤️

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