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Ad missing?

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Hi. I know I'm not very active on here, but I donate to the site and like to pop in every now and again, but I just noticed my directory ad seems to be missing? Could someone please let me know what happened?

Running since 2003 :: 18+ :: Highly Active :: Self Hosted

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Hi @Cyn!

There have been some updates to our directory hosting requirements. It seems your listing fell shy of the activity requirements. 


You can find your listing here. Simply give it a bump (completed through the edit function - no changes need to be made!), and it will be restored fully into the directory. 

To avoid any future confusion, I'll also include the updated listing rules: 


These requirements are to be performed prior to submitting your roleplay to our directory. We try to approve directory listings quickly and that means that we can approve your listing within 30-60 seconds after you have submitted your listing. To keep from wasting the staff's time or your time always make sure that you have completely complied with the following.

  1. You must have 10 posts or more. The site automatically promotes you to be able to add your link to our directory without staff intervention.
  2. Site activity is determined by the last activity date of the listing on the Initiative. Listings that haven't been updated in 60 days will be archived. At this point the listing will only be viewable to the owner of the listing and the staff. You can request to get your site made active again, once you have updated it, in the Staff's Eyes Only by providing a link to the listing. Sites that sit in our archive for an additional 60 days will be deleted.
  3. Your site must maintain a link back to The Initiative and must meet the following criteria:
    • The link back to RPG Initiative must be from your sites main page (normally the one you are linking to in the directory).
    • The link must direct to The Initiative's index page (https://rpginitiative.com/).
    • The link back must be an 88x31 button link with The Initiative Logo on it. If you are unsure how to link back on your software please ask us.
    • The button must be in a static position and is preferred to be with other directory or listing sites.
    • The link cannot be hidden behind tabs or at the bottom of scroll boxes.
    • Modifying the Initiative button via CSS is prohibited. This includes opacity and color changes that otherwise change the appearance of the Initiative button.

Once you have complied with the above rules go to our Directory and press "Add new Link" in the top right just like adding a topic on the forum this will bring you to our directory form. It is long and looks pretty complicated but in the next section we're going to show you a few images and explain what each of the fields do for your listing.


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