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Hello all,


So as of late, I have pretty much been completely off the role play table, or at least the writing portion. I have communities I am in and plots that I am waiting on to happen and within this time that I have been waiting I have essentially taken myself a little break. It was much needed trust me but it was not a complete break as I have had other responsibilities nipping me in the butt for a long time.


However, I fear coming back into writing and just being this dull lifeless writer that struggles to get out a post here and there. I will soon be playing a child character which I have never done before. So on top of being rusty I am out of my element here. My question to you is as writers what do you do to get yourself back in writing head space with muse and a love for writing again?


I've attempted writing prompts but by coming up with my own prompts, I have yet to find a decent site with writing prompts that isn't filled with a million and twelve ads/pop ups. This just does not seem to be working for me. Perhaps because I make my own but I just do not know how to go in and grab a prompt by the horns and whip that thing around to get a little short story worth reading.



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1 hour ago, isoldehn said:

My question to you is as writers what do you do to get yourself back in writing head space with muse and a love for writing again?


If my imagination feels stale, I read a book! If my headspace is all wrong, I read a book! I find that reading refreshes my creative brain and that in turn gets my writing engine running smoothly again.


Personally, I've never found writing prompts to be much good for me.


If you want to try and recreate the discipline of writing, I'm finding 4thewords to be helpful.

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PSI: an Occult Investigations RP

Roleplay Architects: Grab a friend (or many friends!) and just write.

You can also find me at:

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For me  I find a lot of muse by plotting and creating reasons for interaction. I ask the question of how can my character advance the stories of other players. I pay attention to what members are talking about and brainstorm things my characters could do that make sense for who they are. 'you like candy? my character can give you some. you need a diversion? I can find a way to make one with my character, etc' Eventually I come up with more ideas than I need, and these become either thread starters or solos as I ask, what if such and such happened.


that's a little hard when just jumping back in to things, but hit a few strong points and the plot potential and muse can snowball.


I also find muse by creating problems, this could be harming the character, but it could also be by interfering with or adding complexity to another person's plots. 'Guess what? you have to fight that dragon and chaperone the child who wants to pet it!' for example.


When starting characters out in a setting I often jump in to more threads than I make as well, this way I don't have to have all the plot answers. If things go well I have a potential way in for other threads. if not, I try a different approach the next time I jump a character in somewhere. 

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Kid characters are great, and the fact that you are out of your element with one may actually be helpful! Little kids are random and very silly, and so you can get away with a lot with kid characters and try all sorts of things that most adult characters would get avoided for.


When I feel stale though, I tend to distance myself from writing for a bit and just consume a whole bunch of media. New music, new TV shows, new movies, new books. Also, go out and get some exercise, sunshine, and fresh air!

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@Kit the Human thank you for that share, I will definitely read the guide. At this point I'm willing to read a million guides about sparking creativity lol.


@Kazetatsu that was all quite spot on. I can see now that bringing my characters into plots or topics or just random things to move other plots or others threads along might be a good way for me to attempt reconnecting with my characters. Putting them in situations that I personally did not make up but instead can morph around them. I will give this a go for sure. My big thing right now that I am attempting to do is a bunch of different interactions that are totally random, without OOC speak about it first. So far this is going alright but I feel some of my posts might be a bit stale so I may have to figure out some ways to get things bushy again lol.


@Josie I am big into taking a breather and refreshing myself with other things. I often find myself going stagnant in different things due to over doing it. So the outdoors, family time, social life, friends, anything to step away and do something else is my go to. I'm actually working on creating a balance with this. I'm not doing so hot right now but with time I might do better.


Thank you all for the tips! Much appreciated!

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