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Wolf RP Ideas

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A rival pack of wolves are being driven out of their homes by deforestation in their locale as homo sapiens population reach critical mass and they need more and more high rise buildings and land for what farming can be done in order to ensure their survival. A long held rivalry going back generations has to be put aside (as much as possible) to ensure their own survival and find a place to call their own home. - Either they discover a lost continent (can't see that being the case though even if a volcano erupted in the sea to form a new island), or they find themselves on a space ship that is waiting for some humans to board... but somehow they set it off... not sure how they'd wind up landing it... maybe an AI system?

A more civilized society of wolves, wherein they have villages, maybe kingdoms, or a hunter/gatherer sort wherein the current leader chooses their protege. Of course fighting for land/resources is always going to be something that happens, but its not a one-on-one challenge. Or they start out as one thinks of a normal wolf pack being, but some are getting upset by how things are determined. Losing ones position, because of a challenger? Being exiled from a pack for no other reason than the alpha doesn't like them for whatever reason, or even being told season to season if they can have permission to start a family with their SO... so start a war to change this to a village or kingdom way of life or whatever the members might want to take it in regards to the governing bodies. If it comes to fruition will there be more regrets than glee?


Wolves that live in the age of dinosaurs, or dragons. Or maybe that can fit into the space one if they should ever manage to land on a new planet... if the ships resources aren't too depleted.

Winged Wolves (without all the other possible mutations. This is the only one and they all have it... or after a certain time frame there will only be winged wolves except for the original cast who once they've passed on... not sure that the wolves could actually fly though?


Wolves somehow able to craft things, but don't see how that's possible unless they somehow find another animal that has opposable thumbs. Like how do the MLP:FiM manage to do some of the things they do though...


A wolf roleplay without alphas and instead parent/dominant wolves... where only the dominant pair can continue to have offspring in the pack... thus causing more to disperse and opening up multiple packs... but how to do this without a bajillion boards to scroll through.


At the start of a forum, one adult wolf that has to keep alive x amount of just weaned puppies that they wind up just stumbling across. Seems challenging and has plot potential, but would members be willing to let their pup character pass away for the sake of keeping some kind of realism? And then got to explain why the pups are alone... thinking some type of epidemic... natural, or not.


Wolves born in captivity meet a wild wolf or two somehow. Can they stage an escape? Will they be able to survive the wild? If they can't, is there any way other wolves of the wilds would be willing to train them as if they were pups just out of the den?

In some human NPC's are pretty inevitable. In others they don't exist... other than the spaceship one would not place a OoC type year on it when humans are non-existent.

Dire Wolves as the first humans from across the land bridge encroached upon the land. How they dealt with it and with the other megaufauna of their time and locale.

“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.” - Dr. Seuss


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Not sure if this is very helpful, but wolf roleplays with human involvement tend to throw me off. At least, the ones that "humanize" the Wolves. I enjoy the winged wolf idea, and prefer the ones focusing on Wolves crafting. Perhaps there could be a light fantasy based setting with Wolves and their various gods? Rivalries, trades, friendships, and even adversaries could develop between packs based on their various beliefs and moral systems. 

If I wasted my time on everyone, I wouldn't have any left for myself.

- A.

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